Thursday, September 8, 2016

Come On In - New Master Bedroom

Happy Thursday, Friends!  Today I'm going to show y'all our master bedroom.  My plan was to wait until it was "finished", but Lord knows when that will be :)  I have a feeling most of us are like this, but when we moved in it was super important to me to get the kids all settled in as well as our living/eating areas so that they all felt comfortable and at home.  I knew what I wanted to do with those spaces and they came together fairly quickly.  In our master I didn't really have any plans and it's kind of been a catch all over the last several months - but it's clean and so I figured I'd show y'all regardless of whether or not it's completely finished :)

The arch to the left of our fireplace leads to the master bedroom...

I love the french doors leading in...

... and the room gets lots of light which is great.

Looking at this picture has confirmed my suspicion that I hung that piece above the bed way too high. hahaha

So... I've talked about what we've dubbed "laundry corner" before and it is still currently "laundry corner".  There's kind of this awkward nook area and I'm not exactly sure what to do with it, but we're not in a rush to fill it so I'm taking my time figuring it out.  I would love to scoot the chest a little to the right, get a REALLY tall fiddle leaf fig plant in a basket  and a floor lamp to put to the left of the chest.  And I'm thinking that the wall on the left would look great with a maybe three horizontal frames hung vertically.  Ideally I would love to get a really big console table for this wall, but we're sticking with our current furniture for a while.

The curtains were left from the previous owners and they're fine for right now... 

This couch was in the office off of our bedroom in our old house and all of the pillows on it as well as on the bed are from Home Goods (the bedding is Pottery Barn).

The wall sconces were left as well, and while I'm not 100% in love, I also don't want to take them down/replace them until I figure out what we want to do with paint and such.

The bathroom was VERY baby blue and we had it painted this "light avocado" color right after we moved in.

The fern on the windowsill was in the office and has since made it's way outside.  It may come back in when it gets cold, but for now it's loving being outside.

Dave's closet, the shower and Dave's counter area.

At some point we'd love to have the mirrors framed and/or replaced with something smaller.

My counter area leading down to my closet and the toilet area.

I use this tiered stand for all sorts of entertaining and decorating things and when I wasn't using it for anything else I decided to stick it here on the counter.  I am liking it for now, but would like to replace it with this one.

The towels are from World Market and I LOVE the oatmeal color with the white.    Now I just need to pick up these bath mats.

There's a fan in here which at first I thought was bizarre, but doesn't really bother us anymore. 

I'm not sure what I want to do above the dresser... I would love to do two of these mirrors side by side.

So there you have it!  Our master bedroom complete with laundry corner ;)  Now I'm off to this space to crash for the night!  

Happy Thursday, Friends!!!  See y'all tomorrow for Friday Favorites!

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  1. Looks great!!!! What's the fall candle brand/scent?!?!

    1. It's the pumpkin soufflé from anthro and its hands down the best fall scent ever

  2. That's a good solid BEFORE bedroom, but I know the AFTER will be spectacular! Take your time and only get things you LOVE!!!

  3. I love it! Where did you get the shelving unit above the toilet in the bathroom?? I'm looking for something similar!! Thanks!

  4. It takes more time than we think it will to decorate all the rooms.
    Also, Sam's Club has had those galvanized tiered stands before for less...not sure if they have them right now, but it may be worth checking:)

  5. I know this is about your master but wanted to ask about your tall windows in the living room. We have a 2 story also and have a set of windows WAY up high and are blinded by the sun in the evening. Are your blinds motorized? How do you open/close them up so high? I'm looking for ideas!

  6. Andrea, live in Florida for one summer, and you will be so glad you have a fan in your bathroom!!!

  7. I would make a reading area in the window are in your bedroom... A chair and little book case with a lamp and favorite books!😘 Looking good!

  8. We built a house and our master bedroom has been the last room to get any attention. Same as yours - it's just been a catch-all. Yours is looking good and I can't wait to see what else you do with it!

  9. I love the couch area off to the side. It looks super cozy!

  10. Looking good!! Have you considered swapping the dresser and tall chest? That might solve your laundry corner issue. The tv would look great mounted above the dresser. Just a thought...

  11. I love your style! And I love a first floor master bedroom.

  12. Love it! My only suggestion: add hardware to your bathroom cabinets so they look more custom/expensive rather than builder grade cabinets. (like the console table trick from Cost Plus)

  13. It looks great, Andrea! I can't wait to see what you do with the laundry corner!

  14. World Market has a similar galvanized tray for about $30!!!

  15. The bathroom is a beautiful space! Can I ask where got the shelf above the toilet? I've been looking for something like that.

  16. Everything looks fantastic! One thought I had is to move the longer dresser where you have the taller dresser. That would get rid of that awkward nook where you keep your laundry. Just a thought...

  17. Also wanted to know about the shelving unit above the toilet. It's perfect for the space, we need something similar.

  18. Do you mind being downstairs while your kids are upstairs? Do you worry that they will try to come down to you in the middle of the night or that you won't hear them?


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