Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Weekend Recap - Labor Day Edition

Friday morning started off with the first pep rally of the season.  I love that our whole school gets to attend the pep rallies and they encourage parents to come as well. It's such a fun time and reminds me of how far our school has come in the 11 years that I've been there (when pep rallies were TEENY!)

When big brother tries to kiss you at a pep rally :)

When the pep rally ended look who GG immediately found!!!  ANNA GRACE!!!

Anna Grace is a senior this year and while I tried boycotting her EVER graduating she is way too smart and sweet for that to happen :) 

And our FAVORITE cheerleader, McKinley!!!  

Mason calles pep rallies "Pepperallies", like pepperonis, but pepperallies and he and Luke had THE BEST TIME, but they were up in the stands with their classes so I didn't get any pictures.

Friday night we ate pizza and watched movies and then hit up dance class bright and early Saturday morning...

After dance Griffin and I met up with Dave's aunts to finalize a few details for a shower that we're hosting this weekend for my future SIL, Cynthia.  Griffin REALLY enjoyed her pumpkin muffin.

When we got home from dance the boys were finishing cleaning their rooms and I got to work on Griffin's. 

The boys are working their way through all of the Star Wars movies and they snuck in some movie time later that afternoon.  

And then Saturday night my parents came over and my dad helped inflate all our bike tires, adjust seats and all of that with the assistance of some little helpers :)

Sunday morning was an extra twirly one - SO CUTE!

Then we spent the afternoon outside eating zucchini bread, having lunch and playing :)

And then that night we cruised the golf course...

Monday we had another busy day... Griffin's flower girl dress came on Saturday and we finally had a chance to try it on her.  IT IS PERFECTION!!!  I can't wait until she gets to wear it again in October!

And then we headed to Play Street Museum in the afternoon.  If you have a Play Street nearby you HAVE to check it out! It is completely geared toward creative and imaginative play and I had to pull my kids out of there after close to three hours of play.

Bee keepers!!!

Griffin brushed the horse and then went into the ice cream shop to make her a sundae :)

Love this little lefty!

After Play Street we headed to our nephew Beau's first birthday party!  I'm not sure there's anything sweeter than a baby with a smash cake!

LOVED the cupcake toppers Diana made!  So so so cute!!!

Cousin kisses for the birthday boy!

My brother Mark and Beau

It was such a fun night celebrating Beau and a FULL weekend of fun!  Hope y'all had a wonderful holiday weekend as well!


  1. I cannot wait to see Miss G do her thing as a flower girl! Her dress is darling!

  2. Yes, Play Street is AMAZING! No, Anna Grace cannot graduate and go off to college. And yes, Beau looked so cute at his birthday party!!

  3. My two called them "pepperallies" too!!! Good times!

  4. That flower girl dress is too cute!!! Love the little collar on it!

  5. Griffin twirling in that dress is so cute! And those boots are adorable!!

    Your nephews party looks like so much fun!

  6. Can you tell me where the flower girl dress is from? My brother is getting married in a few months and we can't find a dress for the three flower girls!

  7. Those cupcake toppers are just the cutest! I love that Play area place every time you post it. How cool!??!?

  8. Griffin's twirly dress and the boots are perfection! And, the kissy picture of G and Beau?! Oh my goodness! Adorable! Definitely a framer!

  9. I'm pretty sure that I still call them "pepperallies" with full Texas twang! :) Such a fun weekend!

  10. I love that dress Griffin wore to church!! So pretty!

  11. I would love to know where Griffin's dress is from. So adorable!

  12. The one for the wedding that is :)

  13. The one for the wedding that is :)


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