Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Favorites - Papillon Edition

Happy Friday, Friends!!! I love a long weekend, but WHOA MAMA did this week fly!!! I feel like I crammed a full week of school into four days with no middle!  I. AM. WIPED!

As always, Erika, Narci and I are sharing our Friday Favorites and would love for you to link up and share as well!

The awesome lady who runs our after school care program send me this picture of Mason last week.  He made himself a suit of armor :)  His imagination is my FAVORITE!

And then this photo of him from 5 years ago came across my Facebook feed!!!  Look how stinkin' cute he is!!!

This picture from Luke's Kindergarten soccer team two years ago also came across my feed and it's one of my most favorite pictures ever ;)  

And this one also :) When Tab starts football season Erika and I try to get together on Friday or Saturday night.  Where is Bowen?  Why is Mason not wearing pants?  Who made all that mess??? :) hahaha

Funny thing about our kids... Erika or I had a a baby every April for 6 years.  Well... except for Bowen who was born in November... but we'll count him because he's extra cute:) In April Luke will turn 9 (hold me), Ebby Lee will turn 8, Nixon will turn 7, Mason will turn 6, Bowen will turn 4.5 and GG will be 4.  Crazy, right???

Dave has been sending me "Happy Morning pictures" again and they're my FAVORITE part of the morning!

 Earlier this week Griffin had a great view from a 5th story window.  Watching the cars and people was her FAVORITE!

 Every year a group of girlfriends and I do a scarf exchange the week after Labor Day in an attempt to usher in Fall :)  It's one of my FAVORITE nights of the year and this year was no exception.

At our first scarf exchange only Shay knew I was pregnant (I think I had found out the day before) and so I wrote on a newborn onesie "Coming April 2013" and stuck it in my scarf bag.  I don't remember who opened it, but I do remember the finger pointing that went around the table and the vehement denials all my friends gave.  Keep in mind that I had been VERY VOCAL about being done after Luke and Mason so when the process of elimination pointed to me all I could do was turn beet red and cry. hahaha :)  The next year I brought 4 month old GG with me to the exchange... so you can see why it holds a special place in my heart. 

I brought back the black nails this past week - I love fun colors, but black MAY just be my FAVORITE.

Mason brought home this work page earlier this week and I added it to the save pile because look at what he drew on the papers the kids in the picture are coloring on!

Love how he put the flower and the face in the right positions and everything!

Yesterday morning Dave had to run by the country club before taking Griffin to Miss Lisa's house and Griffin played in kids club while he did a few things.  The sweet girls there are AMAZING at doing hair and look at how sweet she looks in her braid!

I have ZERO hair ability and so I tend to get really impressed and excited when they fix her hair :)  I snapped these pictures when we got home and she'd played and napped on her hair all day. 

And then let's talk about how the side of her hair was a HEART!!!  I mean!  So cool!  :)

Something that has NOT been my FAVORITE this week is the weather!!!  Look at this!  It's been AWFUL!!!  Fingers crossed that it cools off this weekend.

I mentioned this mug last week, but it's worth mentioning again because LOOK HOW CUTE!  I ordered mine online and it came yesterday and I absolutely love it.

The floral goes all the way around and it is even prettier in person!

Look at how cute it is with these pens in it for a teacher gift! 

And when I ordered the mug I also ordered this tea towel.

The embroidery is perfection!  And I love that it's festive without being too crazy :)

Last up on my list is a new FAVORITE book at our house, Papillon!

Papillon is a VERY fluffy cat... so fluffy that he floats!  Throughout the book his owner is looking for ways to keep him from floating away...

... and it is so so so cute!

My kids all laugh super hard at the page where the dresses him up in an attempt to keep him on the ground ;)

And they love when she tries to feed him to weigh him down.  

The illustrations are precious and the story is even cuter.

Enter below for a chance to win a Papillon Prize Pack including the book, a $50 Petco Gift Card and a set of kitty magnets!  SO FUN!!!

We have a FULL weekend ahead - we're hosting a wedding shower, going to Bingo night and (hopefully) taking some serious naps.  I hope you have a fun weekend planned as well!

Thank you so much to Disney-Hyperion for sending us our copy of Papillon and providing the prize pack for the giveaway!  Also, this post contained affiliate links which means that if you clicked on a link and made a purchase I may receive a small commission.    THANK YOU!!!


  1. I'm obsessed with that towel and just might need to buy it! :)

  2. How fun are those braids! I too have zero hair abilities! Haha! I'm looking forward to cooler weather too, though it hasn't been 101* here in Boston! Xo

  3. Thanks for hosting! Have a good weekend!

  4. Gg's hair is adorable in that braid!! Also, love that picture Mason colored! So cute!!

  5. We should make a girl's night where we watch You Tube videos and practice braiding. I'm no good either.

  6. Yikes!! Y'all had hotter weather than we did this week in Central FL- land of no fall/winter. 😬 Hermine came through and really cooled things down. We actually are in the low 70s in the mornings which basically feels like fall! Everyone is having fires at night. Lol! Have a great weekend!

  7. What a cute book! My daughter would love those illustrations! Thanks for sharing! I also loved Griffin's hair- that braid is just on another level ;)

  8. Griffins hair! 😍😍😍 all the heart eyes! And that tea towel is so cute!!

  9. I love braiding! We can have a braiding party and all practice our skills!!!! GG looks like so grown up in the pic with her holding her bitty baby, my goodness!!!

  10. My girl is just recently potty trained and new to pre-school this year. She wants to wear dresses to school, but isn't very ladylike!!! What does your daughter wear under her dresses?

  11. The scarf exchange is such a fun idea and a great tradition to look forward to I'm sure! Your new tea towels are so cute-- we definitely have plenty, but I don't think we have any fall themed ones! I can definitely relate to your feelings on the heat, so ready for it to cool down just a little bit!

  12. I love how artsy your kids are! And I'm already jealous of your weather. I think it said it was 45 degrees this morning. Yikes! I'm not ready for the cold! :)

  13. We are ready for cooler temps too

  14. Hey, Hope you have a great weekend! I ordered some of the books you posted about last week and my daughter can not put down Stone Fox. I love seeing her read books that she loves!! Just wanted to say THANKS!!

  15. A scarf exchange!!! What a great idea!!! Totally going to steal that;)

  16. My nieces & nephews would Love that book-they love kitties, but are all allergic = ( I'm a cat lady so I'd love the gift card!! Thanks for the chance to win & hope you & your adorable family have a great weekend!

  17. Oh my word, GG looks SO grown up with her hair like that!

    And girl, I feel you on the weather... it's been close to 100 every day this week here in GA too, and it has not been fun. Bring on the 50s and 60s! Or at least the 70s! Haha.

  18. Griffin's outfits look really cute :)

  19. I love all the cute photos, but I just can't get over your weather! Hope it cools off soon!


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