Monday, June 2, 2014

What's On... Your Walls

Hey! So, honestly... I totally forgot about this link-up until I turned the page in my planner today.... so I'm hoping that y'all planned better than I did for today :) Thankfully, back in February I shared this post - and today is pretty much a repeat. #slacker

A couple of weeks ago I posted this picture on Instagram....
 ... and got an OVERWHELMING response!  So I thought I'd share a little bit about some of the canvases I have up in my house.  

Originally, I bought six canvases of our Fall photos to hang above the couch in my office. I ended up doing an Instagram photo wall instead (find that post HERE). 

Plus... the canvases turned out so gorgeous that I felt that sticking them in our office was kind of an injustice.  For several years I've had these four frames hanging above my kitchen buffet with some of Luke's artwork in them.  I've always liked them, but when I put the canvases on the buffet just to "see" I knew it was meant to be.

I think what sealed the deal for me was that the colors matched the kitchen so well.  I love that I get to see them ALL the time, too!
I took the rest of these pictures in the afternoon when we got home from school (before it got dark!)... hence the slew of stuff strewn all over the floor.  We typically come in through the garage (and laundry room) and the boys (and let's be real... often times me too) leave quite the trail of debris :) 

This is standing in our front room looking down the hall that leads to the bathroom, kids bedrooms, laundry room and office.  The wall straight ahead has another of the six canvases I bought for the office.  Our family picture from this Fall.
(The boys room is to the right of this pic)

There's this weird angled wall that has our family pic from Fall of 2011 and Spring of 2013.
It took me a full 9 months to order the canvas of our Spring family pic since I feel like my face looks SOOOOOOO swollen (remind me again why I thought family pics less than a week after Griffin was born would be a good idea?!?!?! and Mason was miserable the entire time... but I bit the bullet and am so glad I did. This hallway has all of our family pictures and this was a definite "phase".  I will NEVER forget taking these pics and being so upset that Mason was a mess and then there was this super weird couple MAKING OUT (and probably more!) on the playground at the park where we were and the boys took some pics on bikes and I was sure one of them was going to be run over by one of the 2 cars that drove by.  Hormonal much?!?!?!  Again - family pics at 7:00 a.m. a week after giving birth - not recommended :)

Fall of 2011 on the top and Spring of 2013 underneath 

Griffin's room is at the end of the hall and there are two more family pics between her room and the laundry room...

Fall of 2012 on the left and Spring of 2012 on the right.  

Last year I had one of my very favorite pictures ever made into a canvas for the boys shared room.  This was taken in the Spring of 2012 and I LOOOOVE it!!!

Last... I had two "extra" canvases from the six that I ordered and I found the perfect spot for them in our bedroom...

Okay... so to answer some questions.  

Where are the canvases from???
I've ordered my most recent seven canvases from "Canvas People" and was really impressed with the quality, shipping speed and the price!  A lot of other places have "cheaper" canvases, but then they want to charge you out the wa-zoo for shipping.  I've also ordered from Shutterfly when they were running a sale and love them as well.

What size are they?
All of my canvases are 16 x 20

Also... I thought I'd share what's on Griffin's walls, too!
The two square frames are from IKEA and inside are actually pics that Luke painted for Mason when I was pregnant with him.  See that gorgeous Pottery Barn mobile???  Yeah.  Griffin SOMEHOW reached it last week, ripped it down, tangled it beyond repair and even ate some of the paper butterflies.  UGH.

She also has a big framed corkboard and an antique window turned chalkboard.

And a low hanging mirror so she can check out all her outfits. Duh.

So........ what's on your walls??? I can't wait to see!!!

Last.... get your hineys out in the yard this week because NEXT WEEK we're sharing our outdoor spaces!  I'm hoping that this will motivate me to finish up a BUNCH of projects I have planned for our backyard. hahaha.  We'll see!



  1. I love, love, love all of the canvases in your house! I had always loved Luke's artwork in the kitchen but those three canvases...come on...those are fabulous there!

  2. I love seeing everybody's walls!! And, the mirror in Griffin's room! Love!! 💜

  3. You and Erika have both SHAMED ME this morning. MUST. BOOK. A FAMILY PORTRAIT.
    I absolutely love all of your canvases!

  4. Thanks for hosting the link up and sharing all your beautiful pictures. I love the boys picture on the bicycles that is priceless.

  5. I am realizing that I need a family portrait canvas in my house ASAP! :)
    I could hang out in Griffin's room all day. :) So sad that she destroyed the mobile!

  6. Andrea, your house is beautiful! You have inspired me to order canvases of our family pictures. They were 9 months ago, but letter later than never...right? Anyway, do you get the standard gallery wrap or the thick wrap? Which one do you think looks better on the wall? Thanks so much!

  7. I love that you hung a mirrow low in her room! Looks adorable and I bet she loves it.

  8. I love Griffin's mirror and how you hung it low for her to see herself. How fun!! :) And I love your house and your canvases are fabulous!

  9. Love the instagram photos!! Amazing! And Griffin's low mirror...too cute!!!

  10. Those canvases are AMAZING.

    And the instagram wall?!?! Genius! I am so stealing that idea. I absolutely love it.

  11. The Instagram wall collage is the BEST idea! I need to do that! I love how walking through your halls is like walking through a photo album of your family portraits. Beautiful canvases!


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