Monday, February 3, 2014

Instagram Photo Wall

Y'all... I was going to wait to clean up my office before I did this post.  You know, vacuum, fluff the pillows, hide the SEVEN MILLION LEGOS SCATTERED EVERYWHERE!  But I was too excited and so I decided to just #keepitreal

My office is my little "refuge".  The ceilings are lower than the rest of the house, it's attached to our bedroom with french doors and I spend most of my evenings in here working on Slightly Askew projects and lesson plans.  Up until about 6 months ago it was the only "toy free zone" in our house... but then Luke needed a place where he could shut (and lock) the door to work on Legos without a little brother disturbing him and breaking things so he joined me in my space.  ;)  I spend a LOT of my time in the evenings in here and it houses LOTS of fun memories (I'll show you the built ins in a bit!).  I've had these frames hung above the couch for forever, but I never loved them.  Last weekend I had an idea to frame a bunch of Instagram pics and make it one "consistent" piece.

It was a BEATING to pick my favorite 200 pics, and then compile them into collage pics in Photoshop (and resize to fit my mattes, etc.) - but the prints cost me less than $4!

Again - keepin' it real. Legos EVERYWHERE!

I like that from a distance they all look "consistent", but up close they're tons of memories!

Instagram is SO awesome for capturing all kinds of things that you normally wouldn't bother to get out your "good camera" for and we've loved looking through the pics and remembering "that time" that Luke had a belly tattoo, or when Mason wanted to read "Goodnight Moon" about 14 times every night.  They're completely random and mixed up - no order or timeline to any of it.

The Legos do get picked up at night as evidenced by a blurry iPhone pic :)

Since I was showing you the office I thought I'd show you the other side as well (again - real life going on here!)

The house came with some awesome built ins that I LOVE using to house lots of books, pictures and mementos.  That little glass container has all of these ceramic figurines that my Oma always collected from her boxes of teabags.  I can remember going to their farm growing up and seeing them all lined up on her kitchen windowsill.  The spool of thread belonged in my great grandmothers sewing basket.

This glass container has all of the hospital bands from all three of my babies :)

My boys and I collect birds nests and I love to frame their birthday invitations.  I also have my photo books in here as well.

Top shelf is a vintage marching band pic, a statue that the MOST AWKWARD ARTISAN EVER made for us in the Dominican Republic another nest and my trombone mute from my years in band.  A jar of buttons, a music box (that I threw and knocked the head off of when I was about 6... my mom glued it back on as a lesson about controlling my temper), more nests and other trinkets from over the years find their home here as well.

A set of my grandfather's wooden shoes (my moms parents are Dutch) and my favorite picture of Luke. Ever.

The other side of the office is a wall of enclosed storage that I'll share at some point :)
Anyway - I hope you like my IG wall as much as I do!  How do you incorporate your IG photos into your home decor?  Do you print books of them?  TELL!!!


  1. So neat to have your 200 fave IG pics on display now :)
    Those built ins are amazing!

  2. Love your office space! The built-ins look great. And so cool how the IG pics look uniform from a distance, but hold all those great memories.

    I have a bulletin board in my office that I put square prints of Instagrams on. I switch them out every few months, and have about 20 pics on it. It's a fun way to see the highlights from the past few months.

  3. This has always been my favorite room in your house! It's just always so cozy and inviting! I love, love, love this space!

  4. Love the office space! The built in is incredible. Just having that space alone would inspire me to spend more time in there. Your house is very cute! Thank you for sharing with us! :-)
    I never really print out instagram pictures..I use instagram very seldom. Most of my pictures are on Facebook albums.

  5. I would love to make an IG photo book...any suggestions on where to make one?

  6. I love your office space and how cool for it to be attached to your bedroom! I would love that! It's very inviting and cozy! I also adore your IG photos--I've never printed them out, but I love to use IG and I'm starting to use it even more!

  7. Just when I didn't think I could love your home anymore you go and show us this Amazing space.....oh my word, I LOVE it!!! Those framed ig pictures are such a great idea, love, love, love!!!! I think I may have to try something similar to that!

  8. What a neat idea with wonderful memories! You are such a crafty mommy!

  9. LOVE the iPhone photo collage idea. Also love the jar of the baby cap and hospital bands!!

  10. What a fabulous idea and it turned out so great! Now I just need a smartphone and Instagram :-) I am in love with your office and those built-ins!

  11. I have never seen your office before! I love it!! Gosh, I can't imagine the time it took to resize all of those pictures, but it was totally worth it! Love!

  12. Your IG wall is AWESOME! And I ADORE your study. I want it sooooo badly for myself.

  13. Your built in shelves are amazing! How cute are the IG photos. What a wonderful idea. Many of my friends print their pictures via postalpix. I need to print more, and take more IG pictures! Thanks to your challenge, it makes it so fun. Thanks. xo

  14. Your built in shelves are amazing! How cute are the IG photos. What a wonderful idea. Many of my friends print their pictures via postalpix. I need to print more, and take more IG pictures! Thanks to your challenge, it makes it so fun. Thanks. xo

  15. What an awesome idea! Love the IG wall. Now I just need to actually start posting photos to IG... haha..From everything that you just said...my take-a-way...you played trombone! I played trombone for 9 years, and was the Drum Major in my high school marching band. Band geeks unit :)

  16. your pics on the wall are so cool. and your baby girl is outrageously cute! she could be a model

  17. I cannot believe I missed this post! Love this idea!!!