Tuesday, June 3, 2014


When Erika and I started #thephotochallenge2014 I was 100% on board.  I looked forward to it daily and had the best time taking pics to fit the prompts.  As Spring started and school/work got C.R.A.Z.Y., most days I forgot until I got in bed at night. hahaha

Here are a few of my personal favorite pics from the Winter...

Erika and I went through all of y'alls pics and we each picked our favorite four.  It was seriously SO HARD!!!  There were some great pics.  Here are our choices (in no particular order - hehehe)

- ONE -

- TWO -


- FOUR -

- FIVE -

- SIX -


- EIGHT - 

So - here's what you need to do!  Leave a comment with the NUMBER of your favorite pic.  You can vote on my blog and on Erika's as well (two votes!!!)  The winner will be announced later this week and they'll get a box of a few of Erika and my favorite things!

We couldn't let the challenge go completely.... so we decided to do this for the summer...

If we had started #thesummerchallenge2014 last week, here are a few pics I totally would have tagged :)

Griffin flipping through a Fall issue of Southern Living. Raising her right!
Someone commented with "train up a child" on my IG feed and I laughed so so hard. hahaha

Friday I brought the crazy train to the mall. :)

And we had tacos and hung out with our friends.

"And that, girls - is why leggings aren't pants" :)
That wasn't really what was going down.... but I thought it was too cute not to caption.  Presley looks SHOCKED at the news and Blakely looks guilty for sporting some leggings as pants. hahaha

Saturday morning Griffin (and her tippy toes) got into as much mischief as possible.

And I spent ALL MORNING packing up "What Griffin Wore" orders.

After  naps Griffin tried on her birthday presents from one of her InstaFriends, Arlee Dru :)

And then spent some quality time annoying the JUNK out of Mason. :)

Sunday morning ain't easy, folks.

 Sunday afternoon I ran some errands.  Along with Starbucks, a succulent and Rudolph :)

Monday we met friends for lunch at McDonalds and then hit up our home away from home lately, Lowes. Don't they look thrilled?!?!?!

This looks like a sweet picture of G staring off into the distance... but actually she was watching Luke pee in our bushes.  #littlesisterproblems #boymom

A selfie of me, bunny and my mini after naps yesterday afternoon.

So.... there you have it!  Cast your vote for your favorite pic and hashtag your daily pic with #thesummerchallenge2014 

In case you need a reminder...

ONE                                    TWO

THREE                                   FOUR

FIVE                                                    SIX

SEVEN                                               EIGHT


  1. Oh goodness! You picked 8 really good pictures! I am going to vote for #1 though. Love it! I also love that you're doing one big hashtag for summer and resuming in the fall...you girls are so smart!

  2. Did you see that e-card that said whoever wrote the song, Easy Like Sunday Mornings, didn't have kids they tried to get ready for church?? It was way funnier than that...but you get the point! haha! This is gonna be fun!!! Can't wait to share some of my favorite things with the winner!

  3. As a fellow military wife, one, hands down. Hope your family enjoys your reconstitution leave thoroughly!!!

  4. Picture #1 for sure! Such a sweet moment captured. Hey - I would like to participate in the IG challenge, but is there any way to do it with a private account? I'm cvannahmen on there. Love seeing your pics of daily life!

  5. That picture of Griffin in her shades is SO CUTE! And the one of her about to pass out in the grocery cart? SO CUTE!

  6. I was the "train up a child" commenter!!!! HAHAHA! & ain't it the truth! never too young to start the girls on Southern Living!

    voting for #8 ... just precious!

  7. I vote for #1. Always so good to see military families reunited!!!

  8. They are all so cute but I have to vote for #1, just precious. I also have a questions about participating in the IG challenge with a private account. Let me know if it is possible.

  9. My vote is for picture one, beautiful!!

  10. All of them are great, but I vote for picture #1!!

  11. Love picture #1!

  12. I am always such a sucker for servicemember family reunions - I cry every. single. time. #ONE!

  13. Picture number 1 for sure! Love them all!!!

  14. I love all your photos as usual! I look forward to seeing those cute kiddos faces grace my instagram feed each day :)

    And thank you so much for choosing my photo! While I would love to pick #1, I have to go with my own..#7! Love this little guy so much! Thanks again Andrea!

  15. #3 is my vote - hilarious! And your caption of Sheaffer seriously made me laugh out loud in my office - too funny!

  16. #1 & Griffin & I have the same reaction about going to Lowes

  17. That pic of Mason and G at lowes has me cracking up! Those are my sentiments exactly when we take a family trip to Lowes hahaha! Happy Tuesday!

  18. Griffin looking at Southern Living---perfect!!
    I'm voting for #7----cutie!

  19. Eeeek! You chose a pic of mine! Thankyouverymuch!!!! I want to win all the things, so I guess I'll vote for myself #2. (Even though #1 deserves to win!)

  20. #8 gets my vote. It is so sweet to see a mother and daughter together before the wedding. So many precious memories were made that day.

  21. Oh man #1 hands down. I teared up the moment I saw it. Those moments where service-members are reunited with their family just tug deep at my heart strings.

  22. #1--Reunions of parent service members with their children is priceless!

    Kathy Lang


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