Friday, May 30, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday, y'all!!!  It's Five on Friday time and it's as RANDOM as ever!!! 

- ONE -
Happy Mail!!!

There's very few things that make me happier than the mail.  The anticipation.  The opening.  I love it all.  So I was ABSOLUTELY tickled when I received this in the mail on Tuesday. Sweet, sweet Rachel has been a long time blog reader and getting this package from her made my day.  I mean... how cute?!?!?!


Look at all that sunshine!!! :) LOVE IT!!!

- TWO -
The Original Mrs. McAnally Retires

Dave's mom has been an early elementary teacher in McKinney (pretty much always Kinder... but occasionally first) for THIRTY NINE YEARS!!!  THIRTY NINE, people!!!

The school she teaches at hosted a reception for her on Tuesday evening and so we picked up some roses and headed over there.

Mason was WIPED and so he caught a cat nap on the way.  Please note that he has no shoes on as this will be important later :)


Griffin was NOT interested in being held, but instead wanted to drag my purse around :)

How cute are these centerpieces?!?!  They were class photos from over the years.

And the table runners were collages of pictures as well.

They presented Pam with a quilt made from t-shirts from Webb during the years she was there...

.. and lots of her students came to talk about their time in Mrs. McAnally's class.

Griffin ran around like a crazy person...

... and charmed the attendees with her smile (and her giant bow. hahaha)

My boys hanging out listening to the speakers.  Oh.... and that would be shoeless Mason.  He carried his shoes to the van and carried a pair that was about 3 sizes too small.  So he was shoeless.  #classy


G clapped for everyone who spoke :)

And read cards with her gram :)

Even Dave said a few words about his mom.  (HUGE deal if you know how much Dave hates speaking in front of crowds.)

The cake and cheese was flowing :)

Pam's parting words.... with past kindergarteners on "their spots" on her carpet :) hahaha

The girl on the right was in Dave's mom class when we were in high school.  Dave and I used to get NHS hours for reading to Pam's students.  She's graduating this year. #imcrazyold
Mason was ENAMORED with these girls and asked me to take his picture with them. hahaha

 In the picture below is my little family on the left and then I'm standing next to Dave's dad and the next to Dave's dad is Minnie Fae Griffin (Dave's mom's mom... she was a teacher as well. She'll be 94 this year and is an amazing lady.  She has her Master's in Education from the University of North Texas (she refused to get married until she had a Master's degree... how crazy is that for someone born in 1920) and she was the first woman to fly an airplane out of the McKinney airport.  Next to Dave's mom is Myrtle McAnally (Dave's dad's mom)... and she's 92!  She drove until this year (watch out!) and she and her husband started the Senior Center here in McKinney.  On the far right is Dave's youngest brother, Stephen. 

Stephen sent this to me afterward.... he and Luke went "exploring" during the event and apparently they took a bunch of selfies :)

Play Date by Essie

I picked up Playdate by Essie at Wal-Mart this week and I am looooving it!!!  It's so so so pretty!

- FOUR -
Random Mama Tip

This is super random, but the most hectic part of my day is usually lunch time.  Griffin naps in the morning and so my window of opportunity to run errands and stuff is small.  We're usually rolling back into the driveway after 12:00 and getting lunch ready when everyone is starving stresses me out.  I've started packing lunches almost every morning.... especially if I know that we'll be out and about before lunch.  It's super helpful to walk in the door and be able to pull their lunchboxes out of the refrigerator, hand them to the boys and be done with it :)  Y'all all probably already do this.... but just in case I thought I'd share.

- FIVE -
Grace. Not Perfection.

On Monday I posted this pic of my planner on Instagram...

... a couple hours later I posted this picture...

I've talked about it before, but social media is very "pretty".  It's small snippets of our life and we tend to share the best parts.  My planner usually has it all together - but even with the best laid plans I often don't :) hahaha

For example.  This was my kitchen this afternoon...

And my bedroom...

And here I am... hot mess!

Wait! There's MORE!  
Don't worry.... it was all cleaned up before nap time.  Promise.  No, really.

I was cleaning all day and doing laundry and all that and I ended up changing later in the afternoon.  Wait for it.... yes.... those are garden gnomes on my pjs.  #hottt

Anyway, just wanted to keep it real up in here! :) hahaha

Now.... for a couple of public service announcements.

Be sure to check out my What Griffin Wore blog today (after 8:00 AM).... there are lots of new things posted!!!

LAST.... ALL Matilda Jane dresses are 25% off today!!! I'm running a super quick show... if you'd like something PLEASE fill out a wishlist online and then email it to me ( and and put Andrea M. as your "Jane".   I need all lists by Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. CST.
If you have sizing questions or need and help at all just let me know!


  1. What a great celebration of your mother-in-law's teaching career. Amazing! I love those lunch containers. Sometimes I also use them to pack a "to-go" lunch or dinner for a car trip. Have a great weekend!

  2. SO glad you got the Sunshine package and enjoyed i!! :)
    39 years of teaching--amazing to me!
    Love that Essaie Playdate color!!

  3. Love the special retirement party for Daves mom, even if everyone doesn't have shoes on! Random, but what brand plastic lunch containers do you use?

  4. I used to pack lunches to go grocery shopping. I got a lot done when little hands were busy and mouths full. Don't worry...a new season is around the corner!! (Equally messy in its own way! You are doing a great job!!)

  5. How sweet is Rachel!! Love that Mason brought shoes that were too little to the car. He and Nixon are soul mates! haha!

  6. #classy
    LOVE It so much. And I can't tell you how happy that ig made me just now. For some reason I didn't see it earlier! It helps us mamas so much to see that everybody else has poop on the floor days too! And messy house days! Love you friend!!!!!

  7. Love your cute little family! #supermom. Have a great weekend!

  8. My son went to Webb when we moved to McKinney, while Valley Creek was being built, but he was in the second grade, so missed Mrs.
    McAnnally ! What a great accomplishment! She was obviously loved!
    Chris had a Austin McAnnally in his class...mother's name was Tina....any kin?

    1. No relation - but I know who you're talking about. I graduated with his sister. What year did your son graduate? My husband was 2001 and I was 2002 from MHS

  9. There is nothing I love more than mail day, new nail polish and celebrating family! Looks like a great week!

  10. I recognize your mother in law (must be from professional developments...I used to teach in MISD). Congrats to her! Lunch prepared is a great idea. I thought about this the other day as this is a stressful time for me as well and we end up grabbing something out.

    1. Things are usually pretty mellow in the morning (especially when G naps) and this way I'm more prepared. Like today - we went to the mall and met friends and I just threw their boxes in my stroller. Fast, easy and CHEAP :)

  11. I always love a good keepin it real! We all do it and it's refreshing when people own it :)

  12. What a sweet gift from Rachel :) She is seriously so nice!

    39 years is amazing! Congrats & Good Luck to your MIL! What a wonderful celebration!

    That Essie color is great! I think I need it now! lol!

    And you should see my house! Your house looks super clean compared to mine and I only have 1 kiddo! lol!

    Have a great weekend Andrea!

    1. Hahaha. One kid or three kids - they're all just messy :) Have a great weekend as well!

  13. Wow, 39 years! That's incredible!
    Playdate looks pretty on your nails. It's been on my list to try.
    That Rachel does seem so sweet. :) I've recently found her blog through yours.

    1. I know, right?!?! She would have probably kept teaching, too - but Dave's Grandma is requiring more care and so she's going to be taking care of her. And yes - Rachel is SUPER sweet :)

  14. Can you fill me on the Matilda Jane sizing, based on your experience? I feel like size charts don't always help me! Thanks!

    1. Amy, for girls I think the ruffle pants, dresses and knot tops run very true to size and for bennys, leggings and fitted tees and tanks I typically size up. I think the women's things run true to size as well. Everything that I have for myself is either xs or small. The finn pants run more like a yoga pant... so sometimes I'll size up in those since I want to wear them to work. Hope this helps!!! Feel free to email me if you have other questions or need more help!

  15. Mason is such a crack up!!! His shoe antics made me laugh :)

  16. Just love how honest and genuine you are! I feel like mommy bloggers tend to fall to either of these extremes: (1) everything is perfect and peachy, I've got it all together and my kids are always smiling! or (2) it is just so HARD to parent, it never stops, there is always a tantrum/mess and NO good moments, I'm exhausted. Both those extremes are unrealistic and make bloggers very unreadable to me. I'm sure it would be hard not to fall into one of those traps but I just wanted to say that I think you are doing an awesome job of walking right down the middle! Sharing the good and showing your love for your kids and also being honest about some of the worse moments. Thanks for being so relatable!

  17. I love reading every one of your posts!!! Isn't it great how teachers run in families? And thanks for sharing the not so pretty moments! It gives me hope because you seriously make having 3 small children look easy. I know it's not, but you certainly make it look fun!

  18. Small, small world! I've read to Mrs. McAnally's class a few times this year with the McKinney Kiwanis club! 39 years is amazing!!!!

  19. You are adorable, and so is your family! What kind of calendar do you use? I know you have posted it before, but I can't seem to remember when it was to look back.

  20. Such a beautiful family! Love your blog. Where do you buy sweet Griffin's hair bows? I have two little girls and we LOVE our hair bows! :)

  21. WHERE did you find garden gnome jammies?? My sister totally needs these.

  22. Seriously where oh where to start!?! ...The little bit of sunshine!? Unreal!! So SO SO sweet!! ...& what an amazingly incredible way to honor your mil for her retirement!! Wow! The sentimental details amazed me! And I just love how you mentioned Dave not liking to speak in front of people...soooo my hubby!! haha I can relate! Good for him for doing it for his mama! :) ...& loveeee your "keep in' it real" pics...story of my life...everyday! I had one of those days yesterday...all day laundry & housework! Ack! Glad to know I am not alone!! Random, but this could be my fav post of yours yet! And the MJ dress sale!? Soooo glad I snagged some...& so much more! Hahaha ;)


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