Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother of a Weekend

So this post is actually starting from last Thursday.... but it's my blog... so it's cool.

Thursday morning G was up EARLY with a blow out... which means I got to get her dressed and she got some "snuggles" from her biggest brother :)

So about 2 weeks ago we lost one of Mason's beloved Freshly Picked moccs.  I knew that he wore them to Miss Lisa's house... and I knew that he pulled them off in the van (because the first thing he does every time he gets in the car is pull off his shoes).  A couple of days later I went to get them out and could only fine one.  This kind of thing drives me CRAZY and I searched the van inside, out, underneath... everywhere.  I was convinced that it got sucked up by the giant vacuum at the carwash :)  ANYWAY - I pull in the parking lot on Thursday WAY late and open my car door and THERE IT IS!!! The parking lot where I park is gravel and the later I'm there the farther away I have to park.  I guess I was really late that day because I had to park almost at the very end. I was ESCTATIC... not so much because I think he can wear them again (although... it's cleaned up really well!), but because it was found which meant I could stop looking for it like a crazy person.  :)  I thought it actually looked pretty good for being in a gravel parking lot for over two weeks... rain, being run over, etc. 

Thursday morning I took my first period class to listen to Senior Chapel.  Usually middle and high schools have separate chapel times, but I love letting my middle schoolers hear testimonies from the soon-to-be graduates.  Plus - it's fun to get to see how my middle schoolers from 4+ years ago have grown up :) 

Space was short, so my wellies, Starbucks and I settled in on the floor... #teacherlife

I added a new bracelet to my "stack" and I'm loving it!!!  Check out my post HERE for details

Thursday after school we stopped by the science room to say goodbye to the chicks.  The middle school science class hatched chickens and Luke has LOVED getting to go see them every day.  They're starting to fly around A LOT so they went to a farm this weekend.

Friday morning was like most mornings at my house.... I had to leave Mason like this...
... he LOVES his babysitter and seeing his friends once he's there.... but he HATES it when I leave in the mornings.  There's usually lots of "Mommy, I stay wich you!" and tears.  If he wasn't smiling and asking to stay at his sitters every afternoon when I pick him up it would be horrible.  I hope he's a mamas boy forever :)

I'm pretty sure Griffin knew it was the weekend because she was HAP-PY after school!

Haha came over and hung out for a while and Mason put on a dance party...

After the dancing I snuggled into bed with the boys to watch Rio and Mason goes, "I glad I wich you again, Mommy".  If he had asked me for a pony right there and then you'd better believe Amazon Prime would be delivering one to my doorstep tomorrow :)

Friday night G was O.U.T.!

Saturday morning running errands and looking "camouflaged" in her new girly seat.

There are from Luke and I big puffy heart love them...

I found Mason sitting at his little table, eating an entire tin of Altoids that he found in my purse and immersed in water.  He's so strange. hahaha

My favorite people bought me some of my favorite flowers for Mother's Day!

Griffin's hair is getting super long and when she doesn't have a bow on her bangs hang in her eyes, so at dinner Saturday night she had her first "clippy".  Such a big girl!!!

Saturday night I headed to the Choir After Dinner Show at school.  It's this super fun annual event that I look forward to every year.  Students perform in large and small groups as well as solo performances and I love getting to see the students in their "element" outside of the classroom.  Gibi babysat and on my way out I snapped this pic of our yard.  Dave has a CRAZY schedule (especially in the Spring) and I so appreciate him taking such good care of our yard.

Mama's excited to have a night where I don't have to cut up anyone's food, take anyone potty or find episodes of Paw Patrol on my iPhone :)
Sunday morning Dave was at work super early (Mother's Day brunch), but I managed to get everyone up, fed, dressed and packed for church RELATIVELY unscathed.  In one of my not proudest moments I may have sent Dave a text that read "Happy Freakin' Mother's Day To Me!" after a morning of brotherly bickering, spilled cereal and finding out that our garage fridge had been left open for 18+ hours.

G and I wore matching Matilda Jane outfits...

... the boys looked cute as always...

... and I was over myself after getting to teach (read: vent and girl talk) with Shay and having an hour in BFG :)

Garrett and Mason Lee are brothers who I've had the pleasure of having in class for the last 4 years.  They love my boys and every week at church they seek me out to say hey to them.  I hope my boys are that sweet when they're teenagers!

After church Sonic Drive-In cooked a nutritious (cough cough) lunch for my kiddos which we followed up with homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Everyone took great naps, Dave got home from work and all was well with the world again.  We decided to do dinner at Chipotle and even though this pic of G and Mason isn't cute... LOOK AT HOW STINKIN' ADORABLE LUKE IS!!!

Me and my crazies :)

My big boy loves him some Chipotle :)

After dinner we had an impromptu patio dance party...

Homegirl ATE IT UP!

After Chipotle (oh yeah... Gibi came with us.  Haha is in Canada (my grandfather passed away Thursday night)) we kept it classy and had McDonalds ice cream.  Seriously.  My favorite.

My weekend was so much fun.  I have some thoughts on "motherhood" that I was going to share today, but I think I'll save it for Wednesday.  It is nothing profound, so don't get too excited :)

And don't forget, tomorrow we're linking up and sharing our kitchens and dining rooms!  I looooooove looking at kitchens and I'm PUMPED about seeing all of yours.

One last thing.... Matilda Jane is running a special promo for Mother's Day... 20% off All Women's Clothing!!!

I was kind of skeptical about the mama pieces at first, but y'all.... I love these clothes! So fun, quirky and the detail is amazing!!!

I wore the Leah dress for Easter and got so many compliments!

For family pics I wore the Swonderful Spearmint Dress...

And last week I wore the Summer Breeze Dress to school..

The Green Acres tunic is super cute...

And i also have a thing for their adult ruffle pants :)

Anyway...... if you want something.... go to the Matilda Jane website and create a wishlist.  Once your wishlist is complete, email it to and the Trunk Keeper email is  I'm the "Jane" and if you have ANY questions just let me know.  A while back I posted some cute outfit combos with MJ mama pieces and you can check that out HERE.

I need the wishlists by Wednesday night at 7 p.m. CST, please!

Happy Monday, Friends!!!  See you tomorrow for KITCHEN PICS!!!


  1. I just love everything about this random post :). I love seeing what you do at school, I love seeing the assortment of kid pics and I love the dance party. So glad I got to hang out with you yesterday morning! Happy Monday!

  2. It looks like you had a perfect weekend with your people! Griffin's curls are just about too much for me!

  3. I love all of the pics in this post! The kids are so sweet--Presley is sitting with me, and she just said--"I just love that baby Griffin.". :)

  4. I loved all these weekend pics!!
    Your text to Dave made me laugh--I felt the same way yesterday morning when I was getting the boys ready by myself.
    I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. I'm glad your dad was able to get up to Canada.
    Can't wait for kitchens tomorrow! :)

  5. What a great post! Happy Mother's Day a day late to a mama that truly inspires me! I am so glad I found your blog as it's one that gives me inspiration on the daily to take time for my kids and enjoy every single moment and to try just a little harder to be that "yes mom"! You are such a great mama, thank you for your posts and your words and for sharing bits and pieces of your precious family with all of us!!!

  6. Your kiddos are so adorable! Thanks for sharing!
    x Dani

  7. You look gorg in the Matilda Jane clothes and the LOVED bracelet is just my favorite!! :)

  8. It looks like it was a wonderful weekend! Your cards were precious, the dance party looked like tons of fun, and y'all were adorable in the matching outfits! Where is your feather bracelet from?

  9. How do I order off of the website? Still through you!?

  10. Can I still order off of the website?


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