Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Home for the Holidays

Every year our city has a Christmas festival on the downtown square and it's seriously my favorite weekend.  It used to be called "Dickens of a Christmas" and had a Victorian theme... this year it was just called Home for The Holidays.

My dad's office is downtown, so thankfully we didn't have to park way far away since we got to use his lot.  That's our van in the background of the pic :)  Stop Number 1... the reindeer!

Luke was DESPERATE to do the "ice slide" this year, so we stopped there first.  They weren't open yet, so we took a stroll down the "candycane lane".

Of course we had to stop at the cute little photo op they had set up...

  Okay Mason... where on earth was this smile when we were taking our family pictures!?!?!?

I mean... holy overbite cuteness, Batman! :)

Next stop was making bird feeders.  This was super easy and fun and was really good for hand-eye coordination.  They each had a pipe cleaner and a bowl of cheerios and they just strung them on the pipe cleaner and then bent it into a circle to hang on a branch.

While Luke finished up his bird feeder Mason wanted to try out ice skating...

My parents joked that when I was two I could skate laps (I'm Canadian), but unfortunately this was Mason's first time and he was under the impression that you put the skates on and automatically went...

... he refused to put any weight on his feet so I was basically trying to hold up a limp noodle :)

You wouldn't know it by his face, but he loved ice skating.  he told everyone that he skated and talked about it all day long. 

We saw a couple of ballerinas from the Nutcracker going on at the Performing Arts Center (apparently we were in such a hurry we didn't brush Luke's hair.  hahaha #momfail)

Mason loves the ladies :)

Me, my boys and a CRAZY top knot (it was really windy). 

MONSTER truck (hence Mason's monster face)

The boys couldn't get enough of this...

Ringing the bell (BONUS! Not only did he get to put in a dollar AND ring the bell he also took the opportunity to hit his little brother in the head with the bell... TRIPLE WIN!)

The boys both loved the petting zoo.  I still think it's the cutest idea ever to have brushes out since some of the kids (i.e. Mason) are hesitant to touch them with their hands.

Luke's favorite were the ducks...


Again, Luke with the birds :)

If I didn't know that the adorable baby pigs turned into big pigs I would have been tempted to stick this one in my purse.  SO CUTE!!! :) 

We made ornaments...

And the boys rode the train...

While the boys rode, Griffin cat napped (and Mommy ate kettle corn):

Everyone was on board with the idea of the carousel, but the minute I sat Mason on his horse, I mean bear, he went into meltdown mode...

Griffin was hanging with Daddy...

One time around and Mason was FINE! :)

Last stop... back to the ice slide!  Luke is NOT a fan of heights and as he climbed that staircase all by himself we were so proud!

Close up :)

He said he loved it and wanted to ride it 1,000,000 more times.  At $1/slide I think we're better off buying our own ice slide :) hahaha

One quick pic with Lightning McQueen and we were ready to head home.

Griffin and mommy (I told y'all it was windy!) before packing up...

It was such a fun day and a great time with our little family. In case you're curious, here's my post from our trip last year. :)


  1. Doesn't it just make you proud to live in McKinney? I just love our little town!

  2. The cutest pictures EVER!!! Apparently there was more to do during the day and not NEAR as many people?? The line for the train was SO long on Saturday night!

  3. Lovely photos!
    You have such a fun town!
    I love that they brought in reindeer--and had so many different things to do!

  4. Love reading your blog - your family is so adorable, and you are such a mom-inspiration!
    Where did you get your adorable sweater coat? I love the aztec print.

  5. Such cute pics and looks like a lot of fun! Love Mason's smile on the sled...such a little ham!

  6. It looks like you guys had a great time! Don't you just love this time of the year and all the family traditions you get to have with your family...

  7. I LOVED this post! So fun! Luke's hair? Hilarious! Mason loving the ladies? So cute! Griffin? Precious as always. And your jacket? Darling.

  8. What a great festival! I wish we had something like that here! And I love the photos of Mason "ice skating" :) Too cute!


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