Thursday, December 5, 2013

Santa Pictures

I've seen Santa pics all over Facebook and Instagram this week and I thought I'd share some of ours from the past few years!  We take our kiddos to the Country Club and eat breakfast with my parents and have the kids pictures taken.  It's really fun and sweet and one of my very favorite traditions. 

2008 - Luke - 8 months

2009 - Luke 1 yrs 8 months

2010 - Luke - 2 years 8 months

2011 - Mason 8 Months - Luke 3 yrs 8 months

2012 - Mason - 1 year 8 months, Luke 4 years 8 months

Hopefully this year we can get everybody to look at the camera (and not have a shiner!).  Plus - it will be our first picture with all THREE!  Just so you know, I plan on making my kids take pics with Santa until they graduate High School. :)

And in the spirit of Santa pics... Check out this one of my little brother and Santa circa 1987.
I seriously want this as a canvas in my house - because SERIOUSLY!!  WHAT IS UP WITH SANTA?!?!?! :)  Makes me smile every. single. time.

And for fun... here's a picture of my dad with Santa (probably late fifties, early sixties???  Right, dad?).  I love everything about it.  Love the coloring, love the Santa, love the decor in the background.  LOVE IT! :)

Our breakfast with Santa is next weekend and I can't wait! :)  


  1. So sweet that you have one from every year.
    The one of your dad is adorable--what a cute smile!

  2. That Santa had too much egg nog to drink...

  3. Santa circa 1987 is a super creep, but what a cute little baby! :) There's hope for our kids and their cheeks! Haha


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