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PNW Trip: Olympia (Part I)

The second part of or trip was three GLORIOUS days at the most incredible spot in Olympia, WA. Our days were pretty low-key and SLOW which is exactly what we wanted 

I've been trying to figure out how to share everything and have it not be super boring and repetitive so I think rather than going day by day i'm going to highlight different aspects of what we did while at this spot in two posts and see how that goes ;)

First up - the water.  I feel like it goes without saying that the views/location of this house were the selling point.  I had no idea just how special they were though until we were there. 

The house sat at the end of a creek which over hundreds of years has created this incredible beach area... we spoke with the neighbor several times over the days we were there and he told us how these two houses are really the only two on the inlet that have a beach area like this.  At low tide it was super expansive....

... and we had so much fun going out and looking for crabs and other creatures.

Tons of sand dollars, crabs, geoducks, moon snails, etc. 

The house had a paddle board, canoe and kayak that we used A TON...

... they had a bunch of various life jackets as well.  We were really impressed with the quality of all the equipment and felt completely confident taking everything out on the water.

The water was COLD but not so cold that you couldn't get in.  The days we were there were sunny and warm (low eighties during the day and fifties at night) and we couldn't have asked for better.

We were coming off the water and we saw deer along the shoreline...

LOOK AT THAT CLEAR WATER! And look at how the water is all the way up to the wall considering just how far out the tide was in the morning.  So cool!

On our last day there the tide was SUPER low and the neighbor had told us that if we went our right at low tide we'd be able to go to this little "island" in the middle of the inlet so you KNOW we had to time our day around that ;) hahaha


We found a few starfish that were drying out in the sun so we placed them back in the water....

... and had to snap a couple of pictures with the capital in the background. Yep... if you zoom way in there you can see the capital building!

I don't remember what I was trying to take a picture of but I was DYING because I caught Mason in a full Baywatch run...

... and I immediately thought of this pic from CO in 2017...

The water here was absolute perfection - almost like a lake but with tides. We loved it!

.And it didn't look too shabby at night either!

Another favorite feature was that house sits on the water at the end of this incredible private road that cuts through a forest that was UNREAL...

... just walking up to the road was a treat that we indulged in several times.  The little creek ran along one side and it was one of my favorite parts of the house.

We joked often on this trip about how "Texas could NEVER" and this was one of those times.  The ferns!!!

We booked this house through VRBO and couldn't have loved it more.  You can find the listing HERE and I'd also recommend checking out my WA2 highlight on IG for a little walk through tour with more details.

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