Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Meow Wolf

Back in 2018 we were driving back from Colorado and decided to make a pit stop in Santa Fe and we landed at "Meow Wolf" and were completely blown away.  It's an immersive art exhibit that you walk through - different rooms, worlds, etc. and I literally think you could be in there for a month and still not really SEE everything. 

We heard that they opened one in Dallas (Grapevine to be exact) and so Mason, Griffin and I headed there during Spring Break to check it out.  Luke opted out as it's not really "his thing" ;) hahaha

This is the entrance which was SO COOL...


It starts off as this huge house with different rooms that lead you into various "worlds".

We crawled through this fireplace...

... and ended up here.

There's a washing machine that you slide down...

... a garden with a secret portal...

... and you walk through a refrigerator into a room filled with other refrigerators that you can walk through.

It's weird...

... and bizarre...

... and there is SO MUCH TO SEE!

When we were there they were giving out "chore lists" with different tasks you had to do which was fun.

It was almost like a scavenger hunt with tasks.

This is a bedroom closet that you walked through into another world..

Crazy right?!?!  Here are a few of our takeaways...

- It's PRICY!!! $50/adult and $25/kid  You can stay as long as you'd like, but you have to book an entry time.  Give yourself a lot of time to check everything out multiple times.

- It was SO CROWDED!  I knew this going into it since it was Spring Break BUT it really did make it less enjoyable.  When we went in Santa Fe it wasn't nearly as busy (I also think it's much larger there) and it "felt" different because you weren't waiting in line to see/do things and really felt like you got to explore it more solo.

- It was VERY similar to the one in Santa Fe.  Like - what felt like 75% the same.  If you haven't been to Santa Fe I feel like this would be way more worth the visit.  Even years later my kids felt like they "knew" what was coming up or behind a door or that kind of thing which took away a bit of the awe.

- If your kids are younger, you may want more than one adult there to keep an eye on them (especially if it's crowded) because it's dark and there are literally twists and turns and doors and tunnels and all sorts of areas that they could slip out of your sight from REALLY quick. 

Definitely cool and worth checking out if you're local or have a Meow Wolf in your area!  

HAPPY Tuesday, friends!!!


  1. So fun!!! There is a place in Wisconsin Dells called Dragon Quest that is very similar, and we've taken our kids a couple of times. So much fun to roam those rooms (in Dragon Quest, they were called realms) and do the scavenger hunt. I'll bet your kids just loved this.

  2. Thanks for sharing the adventure and the price!
    (I would have never guessed a $25-50 price point)


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