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Teen/Tween Easter Basket Ideas

My plan was to share an Easter basket gift guide for allll the ages BUT I started pulling ideas for teens/tweens and came up with a bunch so I'll share those today and younger kiddos this weekend ;)

First up - a new bathing suit is a go-to for me since they get excited about them and the prospect of warmer weather and it's something that I'd typically end up buying them anyway.

This one is SO CUTE and I love the sportier style/fit.

I can't attest to the quality of these since I haven't purchased them before but you better believe at $18 and the shorter length my boys prefer I have them in my cart!

There is a really ridiculous video that has capybaras and this "pull up" song and I don't really know why kids think it's funny but I do know that Mason has this hat and LOVES IT!

Speaking of Mason - he got this giant vinyl sticker of a Popeye's chicken sandwich in his Christmas stocking and it's one of his favorite things ever. hahaha. He stuck it on his Chromebook and it's HUGE.

This book is SO CUTE and is something that Griffin has really enjoyed.  This with a pack of fun pens would be perfect!

This set of LED lights is 100 feet and under $10!  IT comes with everything you need to hang them up (some adhesive things) and he was able to line his entire room and then some.  They have a remote and have a million settings and are awesome quality.

If you have a Stanley girl in your house  these straw toppers would be a perfect basket filler.  G has them and LOVES them!

If you are filling a basket of anyone 8th grade and under I think this set of books is a MUST.  

Have a golfer?  This dachshund head cover was a big hit at our house and would be perfect for upcoming Spring rounds of golf.

You can NEVER go wrong with a fresh pair of crocs.  My boys are all about the white.

And if you have a Taylor Swift-loving croc-wearer look at these jibbitz!

Tween girl obsession... these Touchland hand sanitizers...

... and anything Sol De Janeiro, including this deodorant ;)  Smelling good, clean hands AND they'll be SO EXCITED!!  Promise!

This amber oil is my FAVORITE scent and teen girls love it too.  It's $20 and a super convenient roller.  JUST TRUST!

Is it a Stanley? No.  Is it covered in smileys??? YES!!!  This cup is the cutest!

Okay- this is a GIANT kickball that looks so fun!  My kids play cul-de-sac kickball daily and this is for sure landing in one of their baskets this year.

G is VERY into skincare right now (why? I don't know) and I've been hesitant to let her delve into it too much at the risk of putting a bunch of unnecessary stuff on her skin (I scaled back the Drunk Elephant I gave her for Christmas for this reason - I hadn't really thought about it being made for adult skin).  This moisturizer is designed for teens/tweens, is clener and has the little pushdown top they all love.

These are the best eye gels out there and they're sparkly ;). They're pricier than an "every day" sort of eye patch but would be a fun treat in an Easter basket.

Luke has an Enoo hammock that he takes with him to track meets but I think he may need this air couch situation as well.  It folds up tiny and you just pull it through the air to fill it up and you've got yourself a little couch!  SO COOL!

These slippers are so fun and summery!

This was a totally random find - but they're acrylic keychains made with confetti from the Eras tour!  So creative, right??? The confetti is all authentic and each keychain is unique.  I love that it's Taylor-vibes without being overtly Swiftie ;)

I'm pretty much embarrassed to admit this but I did, in fact, order this cringy t-shirt for Mason's Easter basket because I KNOW he'll get a kick out of it.

Last, but not least - are these not the cutest little lip glosses of all time?  Yes. Yes, they are.

Other ideas include....
- snacks ;)
- Prime drinks
- batteries for their controllers

HAPPY shopping and happy Wednesday!


  1. So cute! I just ordered quite a few things on the list. Just a heads up though (and this isn't to be "one of those moms") but I used to let my son drink Prime Hydration too, but his pediatrician posted an article about how even the non-energy hydration drink contains BCAA's and some high levels of non-soluble vitamins that aren't safe for kids under 16. Just a heads up, because I had no idea.

  2. My 13yr old loves his LED lights in his room.

  3. That tee-shirt!! I am DEAD!! LOL! My teen son and I got a huge laugh out of that! I love the slippers and I think I want to get a pair for myself.

  4. Well thanks to you, I am a HUGE fan of the amber oil!


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