Monday, March 18, 2024

Day In The Life - Spring Break Edition

I woke up last Tuesday and decided to chronicle a "day in the life: Spring Break Edition" ;). I was up around 7:30 which is way earlier than I typically like BUT I woke up as Dave was getting ready to go to work and decided just to roll with it and be productive ;) 

I showered, used my new FAVORITE moisturizer...

... and got a cup of tea going.  Yes ma'am.

I made myself some breakfast (another FAVORITE part of being on break!)...

... and looked over my calendar and to-do-list. 

I did some light googling ;)

.... and dried and curled my hair since I had so much time.

Another FAVORITE part of Spring Break is changing out of PJs into sweats.  AMEN!

Mason and Griffin were BARELY stirring at this point and I headed out to grab Luke from a friends house that he had been sleeping over at.

I grabbed Luke, got him home and pretty much immediately placed a Walmart order for cat food and ear drops since Luke was complaining of having an earache.  

I headed upstairs with some cleaning supplies and YOU GUYS! Look at the state of this play room. hahaha. Mason was literally putting his hand up like that would prevent me from seeing the mess. hahahaha

Boys were playing Fortnite and G was making bookmarks and listening to music ;)

I rescued a dying Christmas cactus from the game room...

... got my Walmart and Amazon order from the porch...

... cleaned up a bit and got lunch started.  Some days the kids are "on their own" for lunch and other days I decide to make homemade mac and cheese with a bunch of random bits of cheese I found in the fridge...

... with turkey dogs because you can't convince me there's a better combo than mac and cheese and some hot dogs.

After lunch we got some lunch ready for Queso who FINALLY came out of her winter hibernation...

... G checked out some of the craft supplies I ordered for her and a friend to do a little project later in the week...

... and she started her science fair project.  Any guesses what she's testing???

At this point it was about 1:45 and I decided to have some lunch which was this salad...

... and I scarfed that down while finishing up a blog post.  

My eating habits get all out of whack during breaks since I LOVE eating breakfast.  So this was pretty much just to tide me over until dinner.

The boys were wanting to go to the Lego store for some parts they were looking for and I had a Nordstrom order to pick up at the mall so we headed out around 2:15.  You can totally tell that Luke wasn't feeling his best ;(

The boys set off to run their errand...

... and G and I did a little shoe shopping.

Our time at the mall was FAST and we decided to hit up Half Price books before heading home.

Literally took this picture so I could remember to look it up later and watch it ;)

This was our haul!  A few DVDs for the car, a CD for Griffin, a book for me and a book for Luke.

There was a Five Below in the same shopping center and so we popped in there...

... where I refused to buy giant fake poop but did end up buying a ball/bat set for some cul-de-sac baseball  and a couple of sketch pads.

We pulled into the house around 4:20...

... and no, I didn't go out in full sweats. hahahaha

The boys went outside to test out the bat...

... G did her first "meausurement" for her project...

... and I did a little bit of quiet time.

I switched over some laundry, vacuumed a bit and then the kids and I played a few rounds of Cover Your Assets (not pictured because my phone died - hahaha). 

Dinner was completely on the fly... I had some pre-pulled rotisserie chicken so I heated a bunch of that up in a little bit of water...

... and some of us had chicken Caesar salads, the boys mixed theirs with bbq sauce and made hawaiian roll bbq chicken sliders...

... and G reheated some Streets leftovers in the air fryer.

After dinner we had a little four-square time and then we watched some Traitors...

... G fell asleep, I went to bed to read and Dave and the boys watched a Marvel movie.  We don't typically do bedtimes during breaks and it's not unusual for the boys to outlast us ;)

I know that my typical days in the life can paint a super productive and busy picture (because that's what I am during the week!) but wanted to show a typical CHILL break day this time around. 

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!



  1. Now and Then was such a iconic movie of our youth! Did you end up finding it online to watch?!

  2. What a fun day! I remember my friends and I loved Now and Then!

  3. Love Kristin Hannah! Can't wait to hear if you enjoyed her book!

  4. She is testing which cup keeps ice the longest!


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