Wednesday, February 28, 2024

What's Up Wednesday

 Today I'm linking up with  Shay and  Sheaffer to talk a little bit about what's been going on around here! I missed out on this last week when I pressed pause on the blog to get caught up on some school things but wanted to share anyway ;)

I shared our meal plan on Monday's post so if you missed that you can check it out HERE

I've also been on a big chicken wrap kick when I'm home for lunch....

... this was from Sunday and it was SO GOOD!

I've been reminiscing a lot lately about my precious friend Manda.  Monday marked 7 years since she passed away and this time of year is always extra tender.  

The high school families all received Christmas cards from the HS staff that had various student photos on them.  The principal stopped by a few days ago to drop off one of the extras that had a picture of Luke on it.  Immediately added it to my bulletin board - isn't it fun?!?!

ALL THE VOLLEYBALL!  Griffin's team wrapped up the season with a tournament and THEY WON IT!  They've never won a tournament before and their genuine joy was the absolute best.

Turns out my G is a happy cryer ;) Didn't' know that before they won. hahaha. SWEET GIRL!

Personal cheerleaders!

I'm going to be real salty about the weather.  Most of my "dread" posts are weather-based and this is no exception.  It was NINETY THREE DEGREES here on Monday and I'm already dreading summer.  

I'm working on getting a few St. Patrick's Day touches out and LOOK at  this cute banner I ordered!

These serving pieces I found!  LOOK HOW DARLING THEY ARE!!! I'm going to use them on my Easter table this year and I can't wait!

I'm reading The Women by Kristin Hannah and I'm making myself read it slowly and really savor it because I know it's going to be one of those books I'm going to wish I could read for the first time again. 

I've been searching "Nancy Meyers movie playlist" or "Nancy Meyers Kitchen" on spotify for music to have on at home in the evenings and every single list I've stumbled upon has been SO SO SO GOOD!

This dress on repeat.  It's lightweight but not gauzey, a super unique chambray and just a great dress that's easy to teach in all day and I'm not itching to change out of when I get home. 

Tackling the last of my attic clean-out and reorganization project.  Wish me luck!!!


I bought these ornaments on Etsy because I'm insane and because they are the most vibrant and gorgeous hot pink of all time.  They're SO delicate and y'all know how I feel about that pink/yellow and handpainted detail.  It's too much and I ADORE them!

HAPPY Wednesday, friends!

PS - this post contained affiliate links... thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!


  1. Congratulations to Griffin and her Volleyball team! That's so sweet. Holy Cow! It was that hot in Texas! I mean it's usually close temperature wise in Georgia, but it has not been that hot. That's crazy for February! We came to visit McKinney/Texas a few years ago, this exact time of year, and it was flurrying snow. We were frozen. Ha! You just can't ever tell with the weather.

  2. Turning Nancy Meyers' Kitchen on right now!! Thank YOU!!!

  3. I'm with you on the weather! If it's this hot in Texas in Feb what is summer going to be like?!! I love the ornaments you bought. I have ornaments from my grandmother that look similar to that. I guess pink was a popular color for ornaments back in the 50's and 60's.

  4. That Christmas card with Luke's photo is awesome!


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