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RePosted: T-Shirt Quilts

 Today I'm talking t-shirt quilts as I've had several questions about this lately and with graduations coming up I wanted to share with plenty of time to get your shirts together since these make such great grad gifts.

I made this t-shirt quilt years ago (I think it was pre-Mason) and it was hours and hours of work and my fingers literally bled.  I cut each shirt, backed it with interfacing, sewed them together, then did a layer of polyfill and then the back and then HAND QUILTED the whole thing before handing it over to my mom to do the binding.  IT WAS A BEATING.  

BUT - how awesome is it.  It's spirit shirts from my first few years teaching which were SO SPECIAL and fun. 

Parents used to coordinate the shirts for powderpuff and I still remember when the kids surprised me with my own powderpuff shirt the year I was pregnant with Luke...

... my due date was April second so they made my number 42 - it was precious.

Another year they gave me the nickname Math-A-Licous ;) hahaha FUN memories for sure!


When my own kids started going to MCA we quickly accrued quite the collection of spirit shirts.  Once all three kids wore them I would typically toss them in this big plastic tote in the attic with the thought of "one day I'll make a quilt out of these" but knowing good and well that I NEVER wanted to tackle a project of that magnitude again ;) hahaha

During Christmas break in 2021 when we were reorganizing some things in the attic we brought out "the bin" and I was determined to figure out a plan for the tons of shirts we had and Project Repat kept being recommended over and over and over again.  I put it off a little bit more and then when we got snowed in back in early February I bit the bullet and got myself organized.

For Project Repat you "rough cut" your shirts and only send in the side that you want used.  I went through the bins and cut out all the usable sides and then started laying everything out.  I decided on a navy/gold/gray quilt...

... a "random" color quilt...

... and a quilt for a friend who has passed along a lot of her kids shirt to us over the years.   She didn't know I'd been saving some or that I was having the blanket made so it was a REALLY fun surprise to give her.  

I opted to pay extra to lay my blankets out and email them a photo to use because I didn't want to end up with similar colors next to each other but kept the other standard options.

I mailed the shirt pieces off and about a month later the blankets were complete and PERFECT!!!\\

I MEAN!!! Look at it!!!  And here's our "colorful" one...

I can't even handle how much we love them!

The navy/gold one and the one I had made for a friend were backed in navy fleece and the colorful one I had backed in gray fleece. 

The quality is awesome, the process was simple and I LOVE that all these fun memories are preserved in something that we use on a daily basis. 

Our bin is now empty and the plan is to keep tossing shirts in it until we have enough to make another blanket.  They're perfect for couch cuddling but also great for taking to football games, picnics, etc. 

You can click HERE to check them out and get notified when they run sales/promotions.  

(It's a referral link so if you end up purchasing I get a $15 credit)

If you have any questions let me know!  HAPPY THURSDAY, friends!!!

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  1. We have one from Andrew's days at Kansas State, and I swear to you, if there is ever a fire, he's running out with his quilt. Want to know who made his? you get why it's even more special to us now. xx


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