Friday, July 14, 2023

Friday Favorites

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Happy Friday, friends! This week was such a good one and, surprisingly, I didn't take that many pics to show for it ;) 

First up on my list of favorites was some time spent volunteering with Luke at Streetside Showers last weekend.  I'll have to put together my thoughts at some point on the opportunities we've had to serve together this summer but I can tell you now that this particular experience was eye-opening and super impactful.  

Essentially, it's a mobile showering facility that serves the local homeless community and we were shower valets last weekend which entailed meeting and greeting the attendees, distributing hygiene kits, socks and underwear and cleaning the shower rooms in between showers.  I obviously have lots of FAVORITE parts of being a mom but watching your kid serve and serve WELL is in the top 3 for sure.  

Griffin's FAVORITE part of the week was some time she spent at my parents house which included building a bird house with my dad!

She drew up the plans and then got to work with him in his workshop building it had so much fun building it with him.


She didn't have time to paint it there so she's working on it at home and has big plans to paint flowers on it.  

Y'all know I love a notebook and this is my new FAVORITE.

Our FAVORITE game from the week has been Rummoli....

BLTs are STILL my favorite...

.... and I have a new FAVORITE puzzle.  This one was SUUUUPER fun!

Another FAVORITE moment from the week was going with G to pick out her new planner ;) 

Is there anything better than a fresh planner for a new school year?  Fifth grade, here she comes!

Mason had basketball camp all this week and he had a blast.  SUUPER sweaty pickups but that little smile is my FAVORITE!

UGH! Have you ever seen anything cuter?!?!?!  When your friends have a new puppy who is your flipping FAVORITE!

Camp is coming up and theme nights are these twos FAVORITE part ;) Prep is well underway over here!

What's not my FAVORITE?  Looking down and seeing a plate that used to have mozzarella sticks and one of my cute mini latte bowls half full of marinara sauce ON THE FLOORBOARD OF MY CAR!  hahaha

Smiley faces and birthday parties were both big FAVES this week...

... and this memory popped up for me which was also a FAVORITE.

This weekend we'll be laying low trying to stay somewhat cool and are getting to celebrate our FAVORITE six year old!  HAPPY Friday friends!!!

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  1. What do you do with all your puzzles? Do you ever do them twice? I like to do jigsaw puzzles online. and Puzzle Garage.

    1. Sometimes we pass them along to friends but we keep a lot of them and do them again!

  2. The volunteering sounds such a great experience. You must be so proud of your boy.
    Well done to Griffin with the birdhouse.
    It sounds like you had a great week, have a fantastic weekend.

    1. It's been a great experience for both of us and YES!!! ;)


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