Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Easter 2023


Happy Tuesday, friends!  Our Easter was super sweet and low key and just like we like it and I wanted to share her for memory's sake ;)

We started the morning with Easter baskets...

... which, honestly, I know is over the top and I don't even care because this kid is about to be in high school and if I want to fill a basket with Mother's Day Burts Bees and a Lego set and shorts then that's what I'm going to do ;)

There are fun snacks...

... and cute accessories...

.... and it's just fun.

We met my parents at the late service so we had lots of tie to sleep in, dig through baskets, lounge, eat breakfast casserole...

... and snap a few pics before we headed to church.

I can't believe how big these kids are getting!!!

We grabbed a quick family pic after church and then headed back to our house for lunch with my parents...

Mason had set the table on Saturday and it was still looking darling...

... and we enjoyed it while having ALLLLL the good good Easter food including Sheaffer's pineapple casserole which I had kind of forgotten about but re-pledged my love to on Sunday.

Is there anything better than a deviled egg?  NO.  No there is not.

We rounded out the afternoon with some fresh strawberry cake (recipe coming this week!) and way too many rounds of this game which had us CACKLING!

We ended the night with some homework because we had school on Monday thanks to an ice day, some family movie time and some yard work. hahahaha  Nothing says "He Is Risen" like some leaf-raking and sibling squabbling over the blower. 

I hope y'all got to enjoy some time with your family and some good food this weekend!  

HAPPY Tuesday, friends!!!


  1. What a lovely Easter and weekend! You all looked great! :)

  2. I am laughing at your "I don't care" attitude about the Easter baskets. I was chatting with girlfriends last night and they were ribbing me about my bad attitude about all things commercial Easter; it just brings me no joy! Then another friend was poo-poo'ing about school friends birthday parties so we were ribbing her! It's just a reminder that we all have a few things we either hate or blow completely out of the water!!! So keep being you and doing whatever brings you joy! (like me giving my kid zero commercial Easter traditions! LOL!)


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