Friday, March 24, 2023

Friday Favorites

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Happy Friday, friends! Short and sweet today because I've been battling a migraine for about 2.5 days and things have been ROUGH!  I'm praying that the weather breaks today and the pressure settles and my head stops feeling like it may explode ;)

My first FAVORITE today was the boys first golf tournament of the season!

They both made the team (so exciting!) and despite some nerves played great!

Can't believe this kid is on his third season!

Mason was extra nervous because it was his first tournament ever but he placed 6th overall and I think he was the most surprised of anyone!

WIPED OUT after ;)

If you need a quick and easy weeknight dinner idea here's our new FAVORITE...

... it's from Costco and my family will eat both bags (with enough leftover for a couple of lunches the next day) and it's SO EASY and so good!

I use  this rice cooker and it's my FAVORITE!  The rice comes out perfect every single time and it's ridiculously easy.

This meme was my FAVORITE this week - I laugh every time I look at it ;)

Last weekend I wore one of my FAVORITE shirts with  this vest and I'm sad because It'll probably be another 8 months before it's cold enough to wear it again!

This kid is running track and needed  some new shoes since he wore out his other pair and these are his new favorites...

Another dinner FAVE this week has been  this pork loin... we had leftover mashed potatoes so I doubled the green beans and it was delish!

If you need a sweet treat this weekend these are my FAVORITES and they're at Trader Joe's right now.

Luke asked me to make meatloaf and mashed potatoes (his FAVORITE meal) and then got invited to a buddies house last minute so Mason and Dave sent him this pic and I can't stop laughing!

I shared on IG this week how I ordered Jimmy Johns this week to try and fix all my problems (hahaha) and had several inquiries about what I order and my current FAVORITE is the Billy Club with no Dijon.  SO GOOD!!!

I grabbed  this dress a few weeks ago and it's a new FAVORITE.  The color is EVERYTHING. 

HAPPY Friday, friends!!!

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  1. I'm so sorry about the migraine. I get them badly too. My neurologist recommends old-school Midol (in the blue box) at the first sign of a migraine. The combination of medicine in it works wonders. It works for men too! :)

  2. I just love me some easy dinner ideas! I hope you're feeling your best today! Love you xx

  3. I love that orange/coral dress and the shoes you are wearing with it too!! Hope you get time to rest this weekend and your migraine goes away!

  4. Aw, sorry to hear you've been battling a migraine; that's no fun! I had to laugh over the meatloaf photo-- that is hilarous!


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