Monday, March 27, 2023

Easter Touches

 Easter has officially snuck up on me. I decided to get out a few Easter touches this weekend and thought I'd share in case you're looking for a little inspo.

My porch is a hot mess BUT I added a cute bunny and carrot door hanger and it's instantly cuter.  I still need to plant my flowers but it's good for now!

I added a little bunny statue thing to the dessert plate tray and made sure the plates out on rotation were "springy"...

... and added another of the same little figure to the island...

... and the little side table in the dining room.  I grabbed these at Homegoods years ago and I swear they were like $4 each.  Super cute and super easy to add a little bit of festive!  I just ordered  this set of three that I'm really excited to use on my Easter table this year!

I added some cute Spring bowls to the little shelves on the end of the island...

... and a cute neutral garland and another bunny in the little alcove.

My kids make fun of this bunny's face but I think he's PRECIOUS and I love the color!

Keeping it real ;) hahaha This isn't Easter decor but it's real life!

Another cute bunny in the kitchen...

... and some napkins in a basket for easy grabbing for dinner or lunchboxes.

One of my FAVORITE finds EVER is this carved wooden bunny that I found YEARS ago - sometimes I'll put plants in it, I've filled it with faux carrots one year, eggs another and this year it's candy ;)

If you're wanting to add some festive touches you can shop some of my picks below!

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!

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  1. You had me at the carrot on the front door!

  2. I adore that carrot on the front door!! Where did you find it?


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