Friday, February 10, 2023

Friday Favorites

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I've definitely lamented about my kids getting older but really every new stage/age just gets better and quickly becomes my FAVORITE.  Having bigger kids around comes in quite handy a lot of the time ;) 

Another FAVORITE was Griffin going to the barn to hang out with a couple of her friends who ride.  She's officially been bitten by the "horse bug" and she's dying to give it a try.  The problem is EVERY activity is Griffin's FAVORITE so we're working on figuring out what she wants to pare down. ;)

I rode horses growing up and so I totally get it!

Mason takes basketball lessons from a senior at school and his mom and I have been discussing dogs since the summer ;)  She texted me before Mason's lesson on Sunday and asked if I'd bring Rosie to hang out with their dog during his session and I was happy to oblige ;)

This was another pre-ice-storm pic but Luke, Mason and Dave went and played golf with my Dad and it was a FAVORITE for all of them (apparently the chicken poppers after were the real favorite!)

I snagged my FAVORITE sweater in the most gorgeous purple color a couple of weeks ago and love it even more in person.  I love these sweaters because they're warm but not super hot and they're the perfect oversized fit.

The sweetest mom at school posted some pictures that she'd taken earlier in the year in our class FB group and this was a FAVORITE.  Love these sweet boys and moms who share their talents!

We went and hung out with some friends last weekend for a pizza and game night and didn't head home until after midnight.  This girl was WIPED and we had barely made it out of their driveway before she looked like this ;)

We have a new FAVORITE Costco find and OH MY WORD y'all need these in your life. We've been keeping them in the fridge and I'm going to have to head back this weekend to grab another bag because everyone at my house LOVES them.

Santa put a car diffuser in my stocking and I finally got it out this week and I love it so much!  I'd love to tell you that my children smell like strawberries and baby lotion at all times BUT with #allthesports and friends and gear and shoes and all of that my car can sometimes be a little funky.  I've been using a few drops of  my favorite scent oil in here and it is SO GREAT!

This little scene was a FAVORITE for me...

... and so was this...

... and this...

... and this ;) hahahha

We went to Senior night at the varsity girls soccer game this week to cheer on our FAVORITE senior girl and OH MY WORD look how cute. We love cheering for her!

This next one is super random but these giant paper clips are my FAVORITE.  The colors are happy, they hold a ton and they're just super cute. 

I can't get this picture to rotate but just pretend for me that it's the correct way ;)  I made our FAVORITE taco pie this week and the leftovers were just as good.  If your kids can EAT like mine can here's a tip... I double everything and make it in a 9x13 (baked for the same amount of time) and it turns out PERFECT!

Griffin got her recorder this week and while it's none of our FAVORITE to listen to it's one of those "elementary school milestones" that just super fun and seeing her so excited about it is for sure a FAVORITE.

Homework and soccer game time was a FAVORITE...

... and we picked up supplies to tackle one of our FAVORITE projects this weekend... a Valentines Box!  She has big plans so I'm hoping we can get them out of our heads into real life with minimal hiccups ;0

HAPPY Friday, friends!!!

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  1. Oh I need to find those pretzels!! They sound delicious. Even at 15, 16, & 18 I keep saying kids just get better as they age. They are so fun and so helpful. It doesn't hurt that my boys all have different skills sets too so they come in real handy to have around.


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