Thursday, February 9, 2023

Three Things

 Happy Thursday, friends!  I'm checking in today with a three things post and some of my FAVORITE valentine's day pics ;)

This was Griffin back in 2015 and OH MY WORD did I love dressing a baby girl!  Bows, necklaces, all the prints. SIGH.  


Griffin tried out for and made our school's speech team and is working hard on her poetry recitation for the upcoming competition.  Proud of her for working hard and trying something new!


Griffin got her recorder yesterday and I forgot how much I dislike the recorder ;) hahaha  She's SO EXCITED about it and that makes it precious and it'll be fun to see her improve this quarter!


She's taken a huge interest in doing her hair lately and is VERY into doing it herself.  Lots of half ponies, clips, scrunchies, etc. ;)

This was Mason and his valentines box he made last year and I can't believe how much he's changed this year!


Mason is currently working on a research paper and he's been doing tons of reading on the bubonic plague.  He doesn't LOVE researching but has been persevering and I love that he's learning how to write a research paper!


With Valentine's Day rolling around Mason has stood by his statement that growing up isn't all it's cracked up to be ;)  No class parties, no val-o-grams, no passing out valentines and no boxes to make.  LOVE that he isn't in a rush to grow up!


Speaking of growing up... Mason and some friends spent Sunday night studying in like a legit study group situation.  They were on task and helped each other out and it just felt like such a "big kid" thing to do.

This pic is from 4th grade - he had read Wonder and LOVED the book so much he wanted to do Wonder valentines.  Gosh, I miss this!


Luke earned a spot on the Math Olympics team again this year and I'm excited for him to finish out his "run" strong.  He's made the team every year possible (3rd - 8th grades) and has placed many of those years.  Last year he won his category so the bar is high ;)


Luke just finished the last portion of his soccer ref training and has big plans to be out there working games this upcoming season.  Having a hard time believing my baby is about to have a job but so proud!  


We attended a high school parent orientation a few weeks ago and I'm just so dang excited for Luke to start high school.  So many fun things ahead for him!

This picture was from 2019 (I think) and it cracks me up every single time I see it.


Luke and I are headed to Big Bend for the STEM science camping trip and I am so excited!  The trip was a blast last year and I'm excited to go with Luke this year.  


Dave and I caught all the way up with Yellowstone and now we're going through withdrawals.  We tried the spinoffs but they're just not the same.  HELPPPPP!


We started watching Special Forces together as a family on a friends recommendation and it's one of my favorite parts of the week.  It's having the "weekly show" that we all sit down on the couch and watch together that I love more than the show itself, but if you're looking for something to watch with your middle school-aged kids it's been fun!



  1. We love Special Forces too. We also love watching Tough as Nails on CBS together as a family.

  2. That recorder..... I'm not even sure why that's on elementary curriculum. I've never needed that skill in my 42 years...NEVER!


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