Monday, January 9, 2023

Weekend Happies

 If I'm honest I'm a little bit sad about heading back to work today - we had a GREAT time off and I'm just not quite ready for it to be over.  I decided to share some of my "happies" from the weekend to kick off this week on a high note ;)

First up - "unbothered Rosie" ;) hahaha  

This girl laying there snoring while I took down this tree made me smile...

... and these pretties were a happy for sure.

Seeing Griffin back on the court Saturday morning was definitely a happy even if it was two early-ish games. 

Culdesac kickball is always a happy especially on a night as gorgeous as Friday!

This pic made me SUPER happy....

... and this teeny cutie with POCKETS made all of us super happy!

I made one of my favorite soups EVER and that was a delicious happy...

I was going through some old pics and came across these which are DEFINITELY a happy!

This tray of pretties waiting to get packed up was a happy...

... and so were these two after Mason's basketball game.

Last, but not least - some impromptu time with Gibi and Haha (and queso and Cowboys!) was a HAPPY!

There's no easing into things around here - we're back to a full week of school, dance, youth group, choirs, robotics, soccer, volleyball, watching TCU win a National Championship ;) and a HIGH SCHOOL ORIENTATION meeting.  Y'all.  Pray for me - hahaha

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!

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  1. We are sad over here about going back to school/work too. Oh well, have to get back in the groove sometime. Looks like a great weekend of happies! I know Mason is so excited about the game tonight! We are having a "tailgate" lunch at school today, so that gives us something to be excited about at school today. Haha!


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