Friday, January 6, 2023

Friday Favorites

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Happy Friday, friends!!!  Short and sweet this week because MAMA IS TIRED!  I went back to work yesterday and forgot how draining re-entry can be!

First up - these two BOTH won their fantasy football leagues this season!  I couldn't care less about fantasy football but the fact that they both won their respective leagues IS my FAVORITE because it means significantly less trash-talking at my house ;) hahaha

Mason won a ring, y'all ;) hahahaha

Dressed, packed and ready to head back to school!  Teacher work days before kids come back are my FAVORITE!

My most FAVORITE FAVORITE of all the FAVORITES this week is some time we got to spent the the most precious baby girl EVER!  Eleanor hung out with us this week while her parents had a little date and all of us were absolutely SMITTEN!

YOU GUYS!!!  Baby snuggles are my absolute favorite and I was in pure heaven.

As the nap went on she just continued to get snugglier and I just about cried I was so happy. hahahaha

What a sweet time to get to love on Nora!!!

We went and saw the new Puss in Boots movie and it was a fan FAVE.  It was a little intense (so be warned if your kids are younger) but funny and engaging and we all really enjoyed it.

I just saw that  my FAVORITE juice glasses are now available in the sweetest shamrock style and I am having a real hard time resisting. 

Also, a pom pom is my FAVE and  this throw blanket is an additional 50% off and would look DARLING on our playroom couch.

A FAVORITE part of break was getting to pack up over 200 stuffed animals that students collected as a holiday service project and get them delivered to a local children's advocacy center.  

And one of my FAVORITE parts of break are snacky lunches made up of dips and crackers and stuff.  I'll miss them!

My FAVORITE tree came down this week...

... and the before and after is pretty hilarious to me ;)

See you next year, cuties!

Ticket to ride has been a FAVORITE this week...

I hope you had a great week and are looking forward to a fun weekend!

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  1. First off, Nora is ADORABLE! Her little facial expressions are the absolute sweetest. I would have been heaven as well! Your Mason reminds me of my Drew when he was that age. Some of his shenanigans always take me back to that fun time. I love the relationship he and Luke have. Your kids seems like such great kids! You're a great mom and your hubby is an excellent dad. I hope you enjoy your weekend! Thank you for hosting my favorite link party again in 2023!

  2. Thank you so much for your hospitality throughout the year of link parties - a great diversity of posts always enjoyable and I love to see your beautiful family. Hope to join you throughout 2023.

  3. Aw, new baby snuggles are the BEST thing ever! What a cutie. I can see why everyone was smitten.

  4. Your tree was so freaking fun, I love it! And the baby - UGH, how adorable?! Your kids are growing up so fast, it's crazy. I remember seeing the little one in her adorable little bell bottoms and thinking, "this is the cutest little girl on the planet!" Now she's in braces! You have the sweetest family!


  5. Those sweet baby snuggles are the BEST!! She's adorable! Good luck transitioning back into the swing of things. We start back on Monday, and I'm not too excited about it!

  6. Snacky lunches are the Best! Glad you had a Good break.



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