Friday, September 23, 2022

Friday Favorites

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If you only get one take-away from my blog today let it be this...

YOU GUYS!!!  Dare I say that this is better than my beloved cookie two-step?!?!  It's a must-try FOR SURE!

One of my FAVORITE nights of the year was this week - our "scarf exchange" that started many many years ago and has morphed into just a fall exchange party.  If this tells you just how exhausted I've been I forgot that this party was the "bring one gift" party and I brought everyone a present.  Whoooops! hahahaha

I did cute Halloween earrings because those are some of my FAVORITES ;)

And ended up leaving with the CUTEST ghost dish and Reeses pieces!

Having a big ol' bowl of homemade cookie dough just waiting for cookies is my FAVORITE...

And so is having lunch provided by amazing parents - if you want to show your kids teachers you appreciate them FEED THEM!!!

The weather right now is my least FAVORITE thing - where are you, Fall?!?!?!

Griffin just finished Because of Winn Dixie for her September Chat and Chew book club and I went ahead and ordered her the books for the upcoming months - new books are my FAVORITE!

Last week I mentioned that the Christmas things from Anthropologie are my FAVE and I got my order in this week.  I ordered  these Santa juice glasses...

... and  a couple of plates to add to my stack.  Aren't they cute??

I shared this meme on my IG this past week - it't a forever FAVORITE.

The mom of one of G's friends sent me this pic of these cuties at lunch this week.  The giggles that you can pretty much hear through the screen are my FAVORITE.

The boys rocked their cross country meet last week...

... and watching them do their thing is a FAVORITE.  We'll be at a meet again tomorrow morning and I can't wait to watch them run!

This balloon outside my classroom window the other day was a FAVORITE...

... and so was watching G back on the court last weekend.

G-squared is BACK IN ACTION ;)

Last, but not least these cuties at Top Golf were a FAVE - look how darling they are!

I hope y'all had a wonderful week - ours was MUCH slower-paced than last week which automatically made it my FAVORITE ;)

HAPPY Friday, friends!!! 

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  1. The weather this week is my least favorite too.

  2. Love this week of favorites!! And... that ice cream needs to be on my shopping list ASAP. Anything with Caramel and Brownie is a favorite for sure!! Have a great weekend!

  3. That ice cream sounds amazing! New books are the best; my boys and I really enjoyed Bunnicula so much and we just happened to read it one fall when a local theater company was putting it on so we got to see the live show and compare.


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