Thursday, September 22, 2022

Silent Disco Details

This past summer we got to participate in a silent disco at family camp and HAD A BLAST!  If you're unfamiliar - it's an event where everyone gets a set of headphones and the wearer can use a button on the side to switch between three "channels".  The channel you're on is reflected by the color of your headphones (they light up) and you can control your own volume.  

I immediately started looking into it for the Middle School homecoming party and ended up renting through Silence and couldn't have been more pleased!  I booked a few weeks before the party and they sent all the equipment via FedEx the week of my event...

... I panicked a couple of days before because more kids than I had anticipated had bought tickets and they were even able to overnight me additional pairs to save the day ;)

They provided me with mp3 players that had a bunch of playlists to choose from but I ended up creating my own playlists on Spotify to give a bit more variety.  Their playlists were things like "pop" and "90s country" and I really wanted lists that were a mix of all the things.

I did have to have three separate Spotify accounts but we got those set up on our Chromebooks and a cell phone and then connecting those devices to the receivers was pretty simple.  I got a little Type-A about the playlists and ended up creating a spreadsheet so that if a slow song was playing on one channel the other two channels had more "party" or group dance type songs going on.  

This was AWESOME for so many reasons...
1 - music variety!  For example, I could put "Let it Go" on one channel and a bunch of kids LOVED it and those who didn't could switch to the other channel.  The same thing applied to slow songs - this event was for 6th - 8th and so their comfort level slow dancing varies... if a slow song came on and they didn't want to dance with someone they could just switch channels instead of sitting out, feeling awkward, heading to the bathroom, etc. 

2- lower inhibitions/higher participation - I don't know what it is about the headphones but literally every kid was on the dance floor.  I've planned/hosted a TON of parties and dances and this was by far the highest level of participation we've ever seen.  

3 - volume control - dances can be LOUD and this is different because kids can control their own volume level.  I had kids who normally wouldn't have come to a dance because of the loudness come and have a blast because they could control their own volume. 

I felt like the cost was super reasonable - they gave me a quote on the same day (I don't want to say how much I paid because I'm assuming that the pricing will vary depending on how many sets of headphones you need) and the booking process was SO EASY.

The day after the party we made sure we had everything, repackaged it and dropped everything off at FedEx to return.  The company is AWESOME and they send you everything down to the zip ties to close the bins back up.

The other question that I've had A LOT is about the disco ball ;)  A parent owns a lighting company and they did the lights and THIRTY SIX INCH disco ball for me and they were INCREDIBLE!  I can't recommend a disco ball enough!

If you have any other questions drop a comment below - if you're wanting to see my playlists you can check them out on Spotify.  

HAPPY Thursday, friends!!!

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