Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Amazon Lately

This has been a FUN month on my prime account ;) hahaha 

This Saved by the Bell tee for Mason for Homecoming week was a fan favorite ;)

... this new Halloween tree.  My previous tree was SUPER skinny and the lights all went out so it was time for an upgrade and I'm SO EXCITED to get it all decorated for Halloween!

This set of Hotel Flamingo books for Griffin has been a HUGE HIT! Griffin is a picky reader so when she gets excited about a book or series I jump on it!

I also ordered her a copy of  Because of Winn Dixie because it's the "Chat & Chew" book for the month and she's so excited to get to be part of a lunchtime bookclub ;)

Griffin is finding her own style which apparently is only going to include athletic shorts and tees ;) hahaha  I ordered her  one of these skirts and she is IN LOVE so I'm considering that a win!  It has cute build in shorts and washes really well.

Luke asked me to order something that he could "pass around" at his Artemis talk for Kindergarten and picked out  this helmet which ended up being SO CUTE!

I ordered  the new Crayons Halloween book for our shelves as well as for our niece and it is SO STINKING CUTE!!!

Earlier this month Rosie had an ear issue pop up seemingly overnight and we couldn't get her into the vet before the weekend (it was a Friday morning when it started) so I ordered  this ear wash and I kid you not after two uses her ears were on the mend and totally clear within 48 hours.  MIRACLE WORKER!!!

My kids love smoothies and I HATED MY BLENDER so when I friend told me how much they loved their bullet I jumped on it.  It is AWESOME and works so well!

Last, but not least - this power washer.  We've been borrowing my parents power washer for years and it was finally time to be adults and buy our own ;) hahaha  WE LOVE IT and it does a great job!

HAPPY Tuesday and happy priming, friends!

PS - this post contained affiliate links - thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!


  1. I taught high school ELA for 20 years, and I love Because of Winn Dixie. I used it with my classes to teach engaging introductions. That book had me at the first paragraph!

  2. We used that dog ear wash on our lab per your recommendation (for the same situation) and when we were able to get him into the vet they said it definitely helped quite a bit!

  3. Ummmm, I did not know the crayons came out with a Halloween book. We love that series. Thanks for sharing as I add to cart!


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