Monday, September 12, 2022

Weekend Happies

Y'all.  WHAT. A. WEEKEND. 

It was a whirlwind but such a fun way to really kick off a fun Fall season of sports and activities. 

Saturday morning started with G's first volleyball game of the season and while Dave and Griffin were in the gym the boys and I were headed...

... pretty much to Oklahoma for a cross country meet.  

Not a bad spot to grade papers while they warmed up, checked out the course, etc.

It was CRAZY hot and humid and I'm hopeful this will be the hottest meet of the year for them.  They ran HARD and did so well!  That's ALL SWEAT in MAson's hair ;) hahaha

While we were at the meet Griffin left volleyball and went straight to a cheer clinic at school to get ready for all the Homecoming fun this week and then straight to a rehearsal for the Christmas show she's in!  SO THANKFUL for awesome friends who help on crazy Saturdays where I can't be in multiple places at one time!

Other highlights of the weekend included Mason going to the TCU game with friends (and making it on the jumbotron!)...

... Luke heading to a friends house for the night and G practicing her cheer moves while we watched the TCU game at home...

.... and cooked soup in my FAVORITE dutch oven for the first time this season.

And then eat it out of a smiley mug.  THE BEST!

Sunday morning our church celebrated it's 150th anniversary and G performed with the choir...

... and if my heart wasn't already bursting hearing my babygirl belt out those lyrics I was just about done for when Mason got out his phone and did this...


Made my FAVORITE Fall recipe ;) hahaha  But for real - mix together some candy corn and peanuts and thank me later.

There was cozy reading time...

... and some fun deliveries for Homecoming week...

... and a hilarious pj-clad trip up to school to grab a planner ;)

We wrapped up the weekend with some  pizza, Dallas Cowboys and smores with my dad.  THE BEST!

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!


  1. What a perfect weekend! Tell me you have a middle schooler without telling me you have a middle schooler- Mason forgetting his planner. Mine would forget their planners when they got to 6th grade ALL. THE. TIME. We couldn't just run up there, though! That last picture of them with your dad is priceless, and so is the one of Mason taking a picture of Griffin! I would have cried if I had seen that as a mom. I know you're proud! I hope you have a great week!


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