Wednesday, September 14, 2022

On A Walk Scavenger Hunt


It's about to be one of my FAVORITE seasons of the year.... after dinner walk season ;)  In the summer we like to swim in the evenings but now that the weather is going to start cooling off (FINGERS CROSSED!) it has me thinking about how much FUN we used to have when our babies were little and we'd load up the wagon and head off on a walk before bath time ;)

 I MEAN!!!

Back in 2014 I did a "Camp McAnally" day and created a little picture scavenger hunt for my boys to take on a walk and as I was thinking about ALL THE WALKS we have been on I thought it would be fun to update it a bit and share it with y'all!

You can click HERE to download and print it ;)

If you go on a scavenger hunt walk with your kids, grandkids, preschool class, babysitting kiddos, etc. I would love to see the pics so shoot me an email or tag me on IG.  

HAPPY scavenger hunting, friends!!!

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