Friday, May 20, 2022

Friday Favorites

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It's officially SUMMER, y'all!!! Well - I have a meeting this morning and then a lunch thing but after that IT'S SUMMER!!!  I am so looking forward to the next couple of months with my kids at home being lazy and just enjoying each other!

First up on my list is my new FAVORITE picture that I snapped before school yesterday.  Luke and Griffin had academic awards (Luke also had two exams before that) and Mason was headed to the last day of 5th grade kickball game (since they had their awards last week).  

My FAVORITE 3rd grade grad...

She made the Headmaster's Honor roll and received the "Goodness" character award.  She is SO SAD to leave these awesome teachers!

Luke finished the year strong and received the academic award (highest overall grade) for 7th grade pre-algebra, science and TX history, earned the diligence award for English, made Headmaster's Honor Roll and was recognizing for placing 1st in Math Olympics.  Whew!

Proud of these cuties!

Another FAVORITE from the week was wrapping up a fun volleyball season with these girls with pizza, cake and LOTS OF GIGGLING ;)

Mason had middle school band night this week where they got to go check out various instruments that they were interested in playing next year...

... he went in thinking he wanted to play saxophone, tried several things...

... and landed on EUPHONIUM!!! Made his mama's low-brass loving heart go pitter patter FOR SURE.  Look how cute he is!

Look at these precious boys on their very last day of 5th grade - some of my FAVORITES!

... and another FAVORITE moment from the week was the 5th graders "last walk" down the elementary school deck.

Griffin got up out of her class line and gave Mason a hug - SWEETEST!

Her FAVORITE part of Thursday was Gibi and Haha coming...

... and one of my FAVORITE parts was this pic of G-Squared giving 3rd grade a big ol' peace out ;)

I MEAN!!!!

Wednesday when I went down the deck to pick Mason and G up at the end of the day and we made it back to my classroom Mason kind of lost it.  He has LOVED elementary school and is nervous about middle school and he's just got all the feelings.  We talked, hugged it out, but he held my hand all the way home which was my FAVORITE part of the week.

WHEW!!! I'm hoping next week's Friday Favorites are a lot less eventful ;) hahaha

HAPPY Friday and HAPPY Summer, friends!!!

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  1. Um, that pizza is ginormous!! End of school time is always bittersweet, especially when stepping up to a new part of the school.

  2. Mason losing it and the hand holding made me lose it. Awww man, they grow so fast.

  3. Aw, what a wonderful and emotional week! You are raising some great kiddos.


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