Monday, May 23, 2022

Summer Declutter Challenge

Happy Monday, friends!!! It's the first Monday of summer and I'd love to say that I am getting to sleep in BUT the boys have cross country training today at 8 a.m. so that's fun ;) hahaha

I was thinking through some of my goals for the summer and the overarching theme seemed to be getting rid of STUFF and so I've decided to do my own version of "30 bags in 30 days" with a "Summer Declutter" challenge.  Breaking big projects down into smaller, more manageable, bites is not how I typically operate but I'm hopeful this will keep me on track without getting overwhelmed.

I kicked it off with our downstairs linen closet simply because I went to put towels away and this happened...

Not my prettiest moment but it's real life and if you have a closet that looks like this let's be friends ;) hahaha  I'd like to blame my kids for the mess but honestly there was no way for it not to be a disaster with the sheer amount of towels we were trying to store in there. 

I took everything out, wiped down all the shelves and sorted towels into towels that I wanted to keep, but didn't need access to all the time (these went into a big rubbermaid tote in the garage for times when like the washing machine overflows and you need a bunch of towels, etc.)...

... towels/blankets that were just older/unnecessary (the big trash bags - these towels will go to our local animal shelter), and a few cute hooded towels (from Boden, Whimsyboo, etc.) that I bagged up for cousins/friends.


I kept a handful of larger traditional beach towels in there (middle shelf on the left), and then all the other towels are Turkish towels that we LOVE because they take up such little space and dry so fast! I moved our sunscreen basket in here so that when the kids grab a towel the sunscreen is in the same spot, gathered up all the various Bogg Bags that have had sports/activity things in them and emptied them all out and threw out all the odds and ends of wrapping paper.   

I'll update you midway through the summer on how my personal challenge and would LOVE IT if y'all wanted to join me!  Make your list and start crossing things off! 

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!


  1. Wow! I really need to do this too! Thank you so much for sharing! Happy cleaning and organizing! :)

  2. GOSH, I NEED TO DO THIS. Maybe I'll start tomorrow. ;)

  3. I did a big clean out and reorganize during the 2020 school shut down, and then last summer's focus was the basement. I need to make a list and revisit some areas. I love dropping off at the local Goodwill!

  4. Love the list! Question- do you have a good system for drying wet bathing suits? I was thinking about grabbing a drying rack?

    1. We live on a lake and have used a drying rack for years; it works great for fitting bathing suits and towels and helps keep my boys from grabbing a new towel each time.

  5. I bought the bags you seal with your vacuum when my daughter came home from college for summer....changed my organizing life!

  6. Oh I needed this in my life! Literally going to copy your list so I don’t have to think of one! (My mama brain is fried!!)

  7. That gift wrap organizer on the door...I need that in my life! Was that already a set/thing or did you put it together? Thanks for the ideas!


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