Thursday, May 19, 2022

Summer Essentials

WE MADE IT, y'all!!! Today is our LAST DAY of school and we have summer on the brain!  I've been in "go-mode" for most of May with school stuff and getting ready for summer is first up on my agenda for this weekend.  So today, in honor of it ALMOST being Summer I'm sharing some of our summer essentials.  Things that we love and use year after year and LOVE and things I hope y'all love too!

Supergoop has been out favorite Sunscreen for several years now - their giant play pump is our favorite because it's super convenient and lasts for a long time.  I prefer the lotion to the spray just because I feel like they're more "intentional" with rubbing it in and not missing spots (I know that sounds weird - hahaha)...

... but I also keep the spray on hand for when we need something quicker like spraying down the boys necks before they go play golf, etc.

The part powder is a must for me because my "bangs part" ALWAYS gets burnt...

... and I don't typically wear any foundation in the summer but LOVE wearing  the glow screen.  It's got the most subtle tint and shimmer and it's not greasy at all.  I also really love their lip balm.

This one is going to seem random but the Sleep app is an essential for us in the summer as well ;) hahahah  My kids will typically have "activities" in the morning or we swim a lot or just hang out outside but in the afternoon I still mandate a "quiet" time where they can read, draw in the room, etc. but some days when I can tell that Griffin could REALLY benefit from a nap I'll get her all settled in on the couch and put on a sleep story from this app and then promise her a game or movie when it's over.  I don't think any of my kids have EVER made it through a sleep story though - it's my secret weapon!  If you have little ones I HIGHLY recommend!!!


We LOVE turkish towels because they're lightweight, super absorbent and dry ridiculously fast.  We have  this set...

... as well as this set and I'm going to buy one more set this summer and then put all our "regular towels" in the garage for spills, cleanup, etc. because the turkish ones are just so much better.  They're also really big which is great when you have bigger kids trying to wrap up by the pool.

We have used and loved these summer bridge workbooks for years now - my kids have all done them and they're super fun because they cover a variety of subject areas and the kids get to put little stickers on a map as they complete pages and tasks.  We always made a goal of a couple of pages a day and my kids LOVED THEM!

We LOVE doing "dive in movies" and use  this projector ...

0 seconds of 15 secondsVolume 0%

with  this screen ...

... and this $20 sound bar.  It just plugs right into the projector itself and couldn't be easier. 

Griffin still wears  Natives which have been a summer staple in our house since the kids were toddlers...

... I love them for so many reasons - they're cute, you can hose them off and they can wear them with EVERYTHING!

The boys both now wear  the waterproof Birks which I think are so cute. 

Last year I bought the boys a few bathing suits that were 'vintage summer' brand but couldn't find those again this year so I bought them each a couple of  these.  They're pricy BUT my boys wear them daily and the quality just can't be beat.  Mason loved  this print...

... and Luke's favorite is this one.

I snagged a few bathing suits for G at the end of last summer but LOVE  this one and the brand is one of our favorites.

Another summer staple is a giant roll of paper .  Add a fresh box of markers and you're good to go!

This shampoo and conditioner is an absolute lifesaver...

... it works better than anything else we've tried and I swear that you can feel the chlorine leaving your hair!

A bogg bag is a definite essential... pool, beach, lake, grocery store, sports field... it's perfect for EVERYTHING!  They can be hard to find - but I've had good luck at Dillards and Scheels.

These goggles are hands down the best out there.  They're so easy to adjust, stay on their heads and NEVER pull their hair.  THE BEST!

A great bluetooth speaker is a summer essential as well - we have a similar Bose speaker and use it constantly in the summer.  I LOVE that this one is waterproof!

So there you have it!  All ours summer essentials in one spot ;)  I'd love to hear what you have to add to the list!

HAPPY Thursday, friends!

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  1. You are speaking my love language with the Supergoop!

  2. This post made me ready for summer!!!! One more week to go here...

  3. I bought the Summer Brain Quest books last summer for my kids and my son LOVED it. I've already bought the ones for this summer and he keeps asking when he gets to start it! Last day of school isn't until June 17th here (New England)! Enjoy your early summer!

  4. We have a pool and soooo many beach towels. I really need to get some Turkish towels. I feel like they would take up much less room!


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