Monday, August 16, 2021

Weekend Happies

 Today I'm sharing a few things that made me happy this weekend :)  No major plans, nothing on the calendar but lots of happy.  Looking for JOY in the little things!

We got one of our FAVORITE games out this weekend and played about a thousand rounds.

I FINALLY got my rear in gear and put away school papers and other mementos from last year.  PRAISE HANDS!

This mustard velvet pumpkin is not out in my house yet but I grabbed it while running a couple of errands and it made me smile SO BIG!

This girl dressed and ready to hit the grocery store with her daddy.  Peep the headband - told y'all she was loving them!

Having help tackling another project that's been on "the list" for a while.  

Family dinner made me happy...

... and the return of the braid buns!!! These are my favorite and will never not make me happy.

This giant kid peeling potatoes for me was definitely a happy...

... and watching Griffin make a binder cover that is pretty much exactly how I would have made one when I was in third grade put a huge smile on my face.

HAPPY Monday, friends!


  1. I love her binder cover! I made your beefy mac recipe for my family last Thursday night and we munched on it this weekend. It was DELICIOUS. That is one of our favorite dinners!

  2. Maybe if you go ahead and put out the velvet pumpkin it will summon the temps to drop 20 degrees. Let's try it.
    Caroline @ Dramatic in the Best Way

  3. Hi! What a great weekend! What is that game you shared in the first picture?

  4. Hi! What a great weekend! What is that game you shared in the first picture?

  5. Your kids have grown so much! Griffin looks like a teenager in her headband and sunglasses....slow your roll sister!!

  6. So awesome! What game were y'all playing?

  7. So many wonderful reasons to smile!


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