Friday, August 13, 2021

Friday Favorites

 Happy Friday, friends!!!   Erika and I are so excited that lots of y'all are linking up with us!!!!  If you're linking up with us make sure you grab our graphic, link back to one (or both!) of us and share your own Friday Favorites post.

It's not a secret that back-to-school time is my FAVORITE!  I'm a sucker for any sort of annual picture opportunity and this year I was looking at their PreK pics which are some of my FAVORITES!

Look how OLD these babies looked on the first day!!!

A little nervous... 

... not nervous at all :) hahaha

After-dinner pool time was a FAVORITE...

... and trips to get worms for Gary, Chips and Queso are always a FAVORITE when there are chinchillas to see!

Last, but not least is the  Colleen Rothschild Bestseller's Sale!  TONS of my FAVORITE products are all 25% off with the code BESTSELLER.  I LOVE sharing about  Colleen Rothschild because I have never been anything but impressed with their products.  I've used Colleen Rothschild products daily for about 3 years and it's been wonderful for my super sensitive skin.  The products are gentle, but effective and I've repurchased all of these multiple times.

Okay - so here are my top picks for FAVORITES...

If I was only going to buy one product it would be  the radiant cleansing balm.  

I use this every single night and I love how well it gets everything off and how easy it is to use.  The lighting in my bathroom is AWFUL for pics so here I am washing my face at my kitchen table :) hahaha

This is probably more than I needed but I just get some on my clean, dry fingers and then rub it all over my face concentrating on my eyes.  It's so gentle that I can rub it right over my eyes and onto my lashes with my eyes essentially open.

Your makeup literally MELTS off your face and then you just wipe it off with a damp facecloth. I debated showing this but Y'all!!!  And that cloth was brand new and clean!

Another top FAVORITE are the  Glycolic Acid Peel Pads.  These target fine lines and hyperpigmentation and your skin feels SO CLEAN after using them.

I used one of these after the cleansing balm and rubbed it all over my face and neck and then let the serum soak in for a minute while I put water on for tea.

After the peel pads I finished up with the Retinol Supreme Night Oil and the Retinol Supreme Eye Cream.  The night oil has the highest concentration of stabilized retinol and I've never had any flaking while using it thanks to the plant based oils.

And there you go! My serum-ed up face is ready to tackle the dinner hour and by the time I'm ready to head to bed it will all be absorbed into my skin and won't be wasted on my pillow.  

The Vitamin C treatment complex is another top fave and I use it in the morning after washing my face.  It goes on so light and smooth and even though my skin is super sensitive it's never burned or irritated my skin.

If you're looking for additional products to try here are a few more that I love :) 

The Dual Enzyme Polish is something that I use once a week (typically on the weekend when I do my super extra self-care bedtime routine) and it sloughs off dead skin cells and leaves my skin SO SOFT!

The Extreme Recovery Cream is something I use more in the winter months when my skin tends to be more dry - it's a thick moisturizer that I use at night that isn't greasy at all.

The Sheer Renewal Cream is a super lightweight moisturizer that's great for daily wear and the Age Renewal Super Serum combats the 6 signs of aging and I like to add that in a few times a week.

If you couldn't already tell I REALLY love these products - a little goes a long way and I've found that the value is really there when you consider how long they last.  My first Colleen Rothschild product was the cleansing balm and after I'd used my whole first container I realized that it had ended up being about half the cost of the drugstore makeup removal pads I was using I reordered and never looked back :) 

You can shop all the best sellers I mentioned today for 25% off using the code BESTSELLER and if you have any questions leave me a comment or send me an email and I'd be happy to answer!

THANK YOU to Colleen Rothschild for sponsoring this post - the links used are affiliate links and I appreciate y'all reading and supporting my blog!

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  1. YES to EVERYTHING Colleen!!!!!!! And Mason's 1st day of Pre-K face just might be my favorite Mason face of all time. :)

  2. School goes back so early there. It's still Summer. Here in New England the kids usually go back after Labor day weekend, but they are going back on Sept 1st early for our kids. That skincare looks really good. I probably can't afford it though.

  3. I're buying a chinchilla. Like, it's for sure happening. ;)

  4. With your bangs pinned up in the photo of your serum-ed up face, Mason looks so much like you!

  5. Oh I just love chinchillas! You should totally get one. LOL


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