Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Classroom Tour 2021

Not going to lie - this is one of my very FAVORITE posts of the entire year.  I spend so much time in my classroom and it's a huge reflection of who I am as a teacher and I LOVE giving y'all a peek inside.

The biggest change this year is I got new carpet!  There was some damage from the ice storm while at first I was sad to see the wood tile go I am really loving how quiet the carpet is.

And just for fun here's what my classroom looked like 16 years ago when it was my first year.  I taught in this room for several years, then moved to a portable building and then BACK to this room a few years ago.  It's crazy for me to think about how when I started in this classroom kids of my own weren't even a thought and this year starts 6 straight years of having my own kids in my class!

It's come a long way, friends! 

I spent FOREVER on that verse on the wall - I printed the letters, cut them out, taped them to green paper and cut them out AGAIN before stapling them all to the wall.  I remember when Dave and I were in Banff that summer taking the letters and scissors with me to work on them!

Over the years I've brought furniture from home up her to my classroom including this table which has been green, pink and is now blue :)

I have TONS of mugs from students and so I added this mug rack to the wall this year to display them.  I love it so much!

This bookcase used to be in Mason's room and I brought it up here last year (or maybe two years ago).  It's filled with mementos and other fun things and the best part are the conversations that various items have started.

The "UP house" is actually a rock that a student turned into the house for a geology project.  She gave it to me and it's the sweetest!

Kids know I love the office and so I've received several Funk pops to add to my shelves...

... the pig was something that I made for my dad out of paper mache when I was in elementary school.  Luke had to present a poem in Pre-K and he used it as a prop and it just never made it's way back to my dad's office.  The Be Still and Know was made by a sweet student.

Students ALWAYS ask about the poop emoji trophy that I won by being the biggest loser in a fantasy football league :)

The bottom shelves have baskets with some card games, math games and geometry models and manipulatives.

This hutch was one of the first purchases Dave and I made for our first house.  We had this and the matching desk in our office and then in Luke's room and then our garage.  When we moved into our current house we were going to get rid of it but decided to bring it to my classroom instead and now I can't imagine not having it up here.  The shelves are fun and decorative and the big drawers at the bottom hold some various holiday decor.  The big chalkboard above was something I bought in a charity auction funding IVF for a friend of a friend. 

The back wall started with a few Vine and Branches signs that we used to have up in our playroom and has grown over the years....

And again 16 years ago - that's the same bulletin board!  I call it "the fridge" and as student work starts rolling in I put pieces up there that kids are super proud of... just like your mom might do with your fridge at home :)

My desk area is one of my FAVORITE parts of my classroom.  It's super functional and is such a great space with all the cabinets.

Yes, that's a mini fridge by the window ;)

The cabinets are AWESOME and the storage is something I don't take for granted - but the best part is the super long counter where I can get everything organized and laid out for the week.

The bulletin board and mirror were thrift store finds from YEARS ago when I painted EVERYTHING in my room pink, yellow and turquoise :).

Lots of fun memories on that bulletin board - things that I can't make myself switch out!

Pin collection :)

So this corner is looking a little rough but keep in mind that I've only been in school for like 4 days at this point :)  New textbooks to distribute and a few other odds and ends will find their home (hopefully) this week.

Gary Patterson is now residing in my classroom and she's already been a huge hit with my students.  The Gary Patterson sign came from Mason's room and the Woody doll belonged to Luke and is like my classroom "elf on the shelf".

The Show Your Work banner is still my FAVORITE!  I had it made a couple of years ago and it's such a big impact fun piece!


Twinkle lights and star garland...

And then the kitchen table that used to be a collaborative work table (before I got the lab tables) is now my "command station" where I run my presentations, grade papers, collect work, etc.  The little cart on the left houses extra supplies, my set of versatiles, etc.

I took inspiration from another teacher friend and decided to put the stickers I've had hanging around on my podium.  TONS of fun stuff on there :)

Last, but not least is my Math memes board - this is a fan favorite :)

And there you have it!

Math can be intimidating to LOTS of kids and so I like my room to be welcoming, fun and approachable.  I like for the twinkle lights on and for it to always smell good in here :)

Okay - and for my last then/now here's a picture I took during my first first week of teaching back in 2006...

... and now!  Same desk, same chair... different girl :). Well - not REALLY but the teacher above was newly married, had no experience and no CLUE what she was getting into.  She had no idea that she was about to fall in LOVE with teaching and hear God so clearly tell her that she was exactly where He wanted her to be.  

HAPPY Tuesday, friends!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I love looking at classrooms! I also have a special gift area. It’s one of my favorite spots after 17 years of collecting.

  2. Love it! Where is the mug rack from?

  3. Your classroom is amazing! I spend so much time in my classroom that I try to make it feel like home as well. The selfies at the end...you haven't aged a bit! I hope you have a great year. Your students are so lucky to have you as their teacher.

  4. my guess would be you are one fantastic teacher!!

  5. Love this so much! The mug rack is such a great idea and shows that you absolutely appreciate every student gift! :) The selfies and caption made me tear up. I'm not a teacher but I'm a parent to 2 high schoolers in IN and I just want to THANK YOU for all you do.

  6. Love this post! Can't wait to share it with my daughter who is a junior majoring in Elementary Ed. And you have not aged a bit!

  7. Amazing classroom. Those kids are so lucky to have you as a teacher. Also you haven't aged a bit!

  8. I love your classroom! High school is where I realized I really loved math. I hope you and your students have a great year!!

  9. Love your classroom. My favorite the hutch, mig rack (awesome ides to display them), and Gary Patterson. Wondering how you convinced your children to agree to letting her? leave their house.

  10. Your classroom gives me all the feels. It's such an inviting space for the kids. It has to make this feel your students feel like they are a part of your family. I love all of the memories and mementos scattered about. I wish I had you as my Math teacher in middle school. You truly care about your students.

  11. If you had been my teacher in high school I would have LOVED math! Amazing classroom!!!!!

  12. Love your class room. Wish my daughter could have you as her math teacher! (We live in Ohio!)

  13. Ugh I love your classroom! I’m so jealous, we’re not even allowed any furniture that isn’t school owned never mind lamps, fridges, etc :( hard to make it cozy but you have great inspiration!

  14. Looks great! Have an awesome year!

  15. I still want to be a teacher like you when I grow up! *hugs!* <3

  16. What a beautiful, fun classroom! I hope you have a wonderful year!

  17. Andrea!!! this is MY favorite post of the year from you too!!! Your room is just like your home...cozy, welcoming, inviting and filled with love. Your students are so blessed to have YOU each day. Love you!

  18. Your classroom is a true home! Love it!

  19. Your classroom is so dreamy. I would have given anything to have all the storage you have when I was a classroom teacher. Praying for a wonderful year for you this year. You are making a difference is so many kids' lives.

  20. Love it! I wish I could have had you for a math teacher.

  21. Wasn't the biggest middle school fan, but I feel like I would've enjoyed it a lot more if you were my math teacher! Your students are blessed!

  22. That’s the most awesome classroom in the history of classrooms! You’re the teacher I’d always hope my kids would get 🥰

  23. Wow!!!! This might be my favorite post of yours, EVER. I always enjoy your teacher posts but the way you ended this one…something only you can do with time, experience, and evolution as a teacher and person. MCA is lucky to have you on their staff!
    You will love having your kiddos in class too…I had mine several times over the years and it was a blessing to me (and I hope to them too).

  24. I'm a little jealous of the kids who get to have you as a teacher! This room is pretty dreamy. You just seem like the coolest!!! Have a great year :)

  25. Love it!! Can you add a link to the "Show your work" banner? I love the quilting! I'd love to get something like that for my classroom! Thanks again for sharing your classroom!!


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