Thursday, August 12, 2021

Amazon Lately

First up is  this fun pineapple shirt that I ordered Mason for "Oasis Night" at camp.  HE LOVES THIS SHIRT!!!  The material isn't hot and I have a feeling that you may be seeing a lot of this shirt :) hahaha

I ordered  this enamel tray because I thought it would be super cute to do little snack/charcuterie boards.  It's an awesome size and I love the look of it.

I bought Luke  this book lamp for camp and he LOVED IT!  I just loved the fact that he took books with him to read ;)

This is  my absolute FAVORITE teacher planner of all time.  You can click HERE to see how I set it up and use it - it's no frills but is the best!

I ordered a package of  these power strips for my classroom because I was done having to decide between twinkle lights or pencil sharpener :) hahaha

I also grabbed  this small speaker for my computer at school - it's small but mighty and was a really reasonable price.

I bought  this set of bouncy balls and popped a few in the kids care packages for camp and brought the rest of them to my classroom.  My kids LOVE them and reported that they are super bouncy.

I also ordered a couple packages of  these paper airplanes which were a big hit with both boys.  I don't think boys are EVER too big for paper airplanes :)

I also primed  this package of 75 scrunchies for $10 for Griffin to take to camp... she was able to share them with the girls in her cabin and then they all traded throughout the week.  I've used these same scrunchies for party favors and Valentine's Day gifts - you seriously can't beat the price.

These English Mastiff stickers may be my FAVORITE purchase from the month.  They're large (but not too large) and SO SO SO CUTE!

The new litter box is probably not exciting to anyone but me... but our old litterbox just got to a point where it needed to be replaced and this one has been perfect for what we needed.

Y'all know I LOVE a themed book :) I picked this one up for Halloween and it is PRECIOUS!!!  The illustrations are darling and the story is super sweet - I'll share more about it as we get closer to Halloween but if you're crazy like me and want to check it out now here you go :)

HAPPY Thursday, friends!!!

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  1. I use that same planner and love it! Day 3 of school here in Florida. Loving my new high schoolers!

  2. Love your Amazon posts! I bought the indoor basketball hoop you mentioned around Christmastime I think and it has held up beautifully and my son uses it daily

  3. The link to your post about how you set up your planner isn't working for me.


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