Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Happy (early) Birthday, Mason!

Mason turns TEN on Friday and I can't believe my teeny, tiny 6 pounder is about to be double digits!

Mason wears his heart on his sleeve - if he's happy, you'll know.  Sad, you'll know.  Annoyed, you'll know.  Excited, you'll know.

Mason is all in - whether that's for a football game, a group project, heading to the grocery store or playing a game.  If he's in it HE IS IN IT.  That works the other way as well and if Mason ISN'T into something there is no convincing him otherwise :) 

Mason is empathetic, intuitive and probably my kid most affected by the past year.  He loves all sports, his friends, a good nap and Rosie.

HAPPY Birthday, Mason!  We love you to Maine and back!


  1. Oh Mason! I hope you have the BEST birthday!!

  2. It is fun watching your kids grow! Do they still call him Moose?

  3. That pic with the chunky sweater and the lip! LOVE.

  4. Happy birthday Mason! I have been reading your blog since before Griffin was born. I remember the picture you posted years ago of Shay holding Mason's hand and he has no pants on and had been playing in water somewhere....the cutest!!


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