Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Party Time

This past weekend we celebrated all the kids birthdays with friend parties and had the absolute best time.  What a difference a year makes!!!  Last year we celebrated with video messages and a drive-by-parade and beyond grateful doesn't even begin to describe how we felt this year.

The boys both wanted to have their parties at a new arcade downtown McKinney and decided that they were ok with having their parties simultaneously.  We get out of school early on Friday so we took advantage of that and had all their friends from school meet up with us before the arcade opened for the day.  

The arcade has TONS of vintage arcade games...

... and a modern game lounge area as well.

Mama forgot the candles but we still managed to get everyone off their games for about 90 seconds to sing ;)

Humoring me while scarfing down some pizza...

Dave schooled a few kids in DDR :)

but the biggest kit was the "killer queens" arcade game.

The kids played for a few hours, ate a bunch of pizza and left with the easiest party favor of all time... candy. 

The party couldn't have been easier or more fun.  Everyone had a great time and the boys have both said they want to do it again next year.  

Griffin's one request for her birthday this year was rock climbing.  I've mentioned a few times how much she loves it - it started at Pinstack a few years ago and then when we went to family camp a few years ago all she wanted to do was climb...

We had her party at a Lifetime Fitness close to us and it couldn't have been easier.  

Last year I was all in on birthday themes and decor and all of that since we were locked down and I was really trying to make it special and memorable without their friends and the parties they had been so looking forward to.  This year I booked the location and didn't really think about anything else until Thursday night when Griffin asked me what the "theme" was going to be.  Ummmm...... ooops!  Party city had a cat balloon available for pickup on Saturday morning so cats because the theme :)

I found  these little cat cupcake toppers on Amazon and added a pom pom to them for fun...

I also ordered  this banner and used the pieces as a topper for  the party favors.  EASY!!!

Kids arrived and rock climbed for an hour...

... and then we did pizza and cupcakes...

And then we had the gym for about 40 minutes to play.  

The kids were all WIPED out and I can't say enough great things about the staff at Lifetime - they seriously handled EVERYTHING and it was so nice to just enjoy!

Well - we have two more actual birthdays and one more celebration to go (our annual family fiesta) and that will be a wrap on birthday month!  

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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