Thursday, April 15, 2021

Happy (Early) Birthday, Griffin!

Our sunshine girl is (almost) EIGHT!!! I know I've said this a million time but Griffin is just so much JOY!  She is sparkle and glitter and fun and giggles and dancing and singing and a bundle of enthusiasm.  She loves big, feels DEEP and is most definitely a hugger :)  

She has a super tender heart, LOVES to worship and if anyone is going anywhere she wants to go too.

She loves all things girly but has no problem putting a worm on a hook.

She loves dolls, volleyball and being included in whatever her brothers are playing.

She is ALWAYS asking to have music playing, never wants to wear shoes and is still our early riser.

Happiest birthday, baby girl!  We love you to Maine and back!


  1. Happy Birthday, Griffin! Enjoy your day, sweet girl!

  2. Happy Birthday, Griffin!!! Hope your day is extra sparkly!

  3. I'm obsessed with those freckles!! Happy birthday, Griffin!

  4. Happy Birthday sweet girl! I cannot get over those freckles! She is so darn sweet.

  5. Nope, nope, nope. GG is not going to be 8 years old. It was just yesterday that you were telling us you were pregnant with a boy. How can it be?! We love Miss Griffin so much over here!!! I hope she has the BEST birthday!!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Griffin.

  7. Gorgeous pic at top of post. I also have always loved that blue princess puc of her. Simply beautiful, naturally. She exudes joy.


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