Wednesday, February 24, 2021

What's Up Wednesday

 Today I'm linking up with  Shay and  Sheaffer to talk a little bit about what's been going on around here!

All.  The. Honey. Mustard. Pretzels.

I've tried others, I've made my own and nothing beats these.  They are  SO SO SO GOOD!!!  

This cutie patootie in the snow!  


Going back to school on Thursday!  Virtual learning wiped us all out and I am so excited for some normalcy in our lives!

Chips and Queso have been at home with us this week and the kids are LOVING having them here

I'm loving this picture for so many reasons :) hahaha

Amidst all the storm craziness last week I turned 37 and while it definitely wasn't my favorite birthday to date it was for sure memorable....

... cards fireside in the dark.  SWEETEST!

Grading online assignments tonight - it's seriously my least favorite thing of all time.  I've tried to streamline the process but I will always be a hard copy teacher!

Birthday party prep! I can't believe it's time to start marking dates on our calendars and thinking through what each kid wants to do to celebrate.  

Last year I did special birthday dinners for each of them which are some of my favorite memories from our quarantine time...

Two years ago Mason and G had a combined  "ultimate recess" party which was SO FUN

They're all brainstorming and we're so hoping that we can bring back our  annual family fiesta...

I'm watching Virgin River and loving it so much!  

It also makes we want to visit Vancouver (where it's filmed) STAT!!!  STUNNING!

I'm reading  The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware and so far it's so good! 

I'm listening to  The Four Winds and am having to pace myself because I don't want it to be over too fast :)

I'm currently still wearing leggings and sweaters all day every day but I'm for sure starting to think about dresses for warmer days!

The kids all got new books for Valentine's Day... Mason got some of  these Action Presidents books...

... Griffin got a couple Diary of a Pug books...

... and Luke got  the Divergent Series (I think he's already read 3/4 of the books) and I'm happy to say that I did GOOD this time around and all of the books were big hits

Spring Break!!! We don't have any plans but we're ready for some time off with power and without any other commitments.  Looking at a few weather dependent little day trips and that's about it!

We have some fun Friday night plans and then I think basketball and a birthday party on Saturday.  Nothing major and we're good with that!

Happy Wednesday, friends!!!

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  1. The Turn of the Key is SO GOOD!! Please let us know what you think when it’s over :)

  2. The Turn of the Key is SO GOOD!! Please let us know what you think when it’s over :)

  3. I love that Rosie loves Chips and Queso. So sweet.

  4. Just read both of those books! I would love to visit Vancouver too.....

  5. I LOVED Virgin River. Like obsessed. Watched Season 2 the day it came out. Was done the season in less than two days. It’s been my absolute favorite. It’s a book series too but I’m not much of a reader.

  6. In CA we have been in 100% distance learning since March. We are soooo done. Pray for our kids we still can't go to school!

    1. I live in the Central Valley of California. I feel so bad for all the kids in our state. Some private schools are in person but these poor teaches and kids and parents. My girls are adults now and I could NOT imagine what it has been like for all of you. Everyone- please pray for California. That we get some good and decent leadership and that our state can return to some kind of normal that the rest of you all seem to have! Thank you!

  7. I'm reading the 4 Winds right now and I keep thinking the same thing... I don't want to just speed through it.

  8. I loved Virgin River!! I want a new season, like now! Also reading The Four Winds, and am trying to pace myself as well. :)

  9. What reading level is Griffin? Those books look cute but I am trying to decide if they are the right fit for us!

  10. LOVED Virgin River! I just started reading the books; I've read the first one and it's great too. Completely different from the series though! Also love The Four Winds! Couldn't put it down.

  11. The Virgin River books are so much better than the TV series and I really like the TV series. The author really does a superb job creating really likeable characers that are so easy to root for. How did I now know that Kristin Hannah had a new book out? Off to request both of these books at my library.