Monday, April 15, 2019

Mason and G's Ultimate Recess Party

When discussing birthday party themes/activities and plans Mason and Griffin both got SUPER excited about having ALLLL of their friends out to the "circle" at MCA to scooter, ride bikes and play.  We dubbed it their "ultimate recess" party, sent out the invitations and started praying for good weather :) 

Thankfully despite a sketchy looking forecast earlier in the week we were blessed with an absolutely GORGEOUS afternoon.  We were there early to set up and Griffin worked on some decorating...

... and the boys mixed up some bubble solution and tried out the new wands. 

They were SO COOL and made some amazingly huge bubbles!  For reference we used 6 packages of the bubble mix for a two hour party with probably 60+ kids (we had lots of siblings come as well which was so fun!).

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We kept things really simple with Costco sheet cakes (seriously y'all.... these cakes CAN'T BE BEAT!!  They taste AMAZING and are under $20 each... and they feed 48 people.  If you need a dessert run, don't walk, to Costco!)

Photo Booth on the Fly is a brand new mobile photo booth company located here in McKinney and when they reached out and asked if I was planning any upcoming events I was THRILLED because I knew the kids would get a huge kick out of it PLUS it was a sneaky way for me to get a bunch of fun pictures without having to interrupt their play :)  Win-Win!

They had a ton of props and accessories and were SO GREAT with all of the kids!

They even decorated the camper with the BEST rainbow balloon arch!  Isn't it incredible?!?!  And I have no clue how they secured it all but it didn't move despite the crazy wind.  Super impressive.

I meant to grab a big group photo but there were SO MANY KIDS that it would have been way too hard and honestly, I didn't even think about it until afterward because we were too busy playing :)

Y'all.  Besties :)

The kids rode scooters and bikes, blew bubbles, played four square and wall ball and just enjoyed each other and the perfect weather.  It was awesome

Cake time!!!  I was so pleased with how seamlessly Mason and Griffin "shared" the party.  We sang twice and it was a blast to have everyone there.

We partied HARD and then loaded up all the scooters and other bikes...

... and headed home to shower and open presents. 

Excitement is and understatement :) 

This was in one of the cards for Mason and I was equal parts cracking up and freaking out :)  #kidding

It was so much fun celebrating Mason and Griffin and we really couldn't have asked for a better day.  It was simple and sweet and a great way to kick off birthday week.  I can't believe I'm going to have an eight and six year old!

Happy HAPPY Monday, friends!!!

PS - thank you so much to Photo Booth on the Fly for coming out and making the party so much more fun!  If you're looking for a photo booth for your party or event be sure to check them out on  Instagram and/or  Facebook!


  1. I think I'm having heart palpitations. 60 kids and 2 hours? OMG. But my goodness it looks like everybody had a blast!!!!

  2. The party looks like fun. I love the cakes too. Can you plan my birthday party?

  3. I've said it before, but you have the best parties! My Golden Retriever will be 8 this week, and my three rescued kittens will be 2! We are celebrating, too! :)

  4. The party looks so fun-Good job, Mama! I hope birthday week is super fun for all of you!

  5. I love seeing siblings celebrate together! My brother and are are 11 years and 10 days apart
    ( he’s older! Lol) and some of my best memories are of our shared birthdays growing up
    I’ve only done one shared party for my kids (I have two with January birthdays ,2 with September & 1 June) my hubby wasn’t on board with it until after he saw how much better it was to only have one weekend occupied rather than two! I’m so excited for more

  6. How fun is that photo booth, so cute! Looks like a super fun way to celebrate their birthdays :)

  7. You have to learn how they did that balloon arch and give us all a tutorial. I saw your Insta pics and thought you did it! The party looks so fun. I love simple and easy. You have the best parties.

  8. So glad the weather worked out for you. What a fun party theme!

  9. I love this!!! My girls are 2 years apart to the day and I hope we can always combine their birthdays ❤️

  10. What a fun party idea! So glad the weather cooperated for you:)

  11. Such a fun idea! I might steal it for my boys!

  12. hands down Costco cakes are THE BEST!!

  13. Super cute party!! What a great idea! Can you share where Griffin's outfit is from? Its tooo cute!


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