Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Magic Popcorn: valentines Day Edition

 For years we've ben "jazzing up" our movie night popcorn with little add-ins... goldfish crackers, chocolate chips, candy, fruit snacks, etc. and I had a reader tell me that she started doing it with her son who dubbed it "magic popcorn".  Magic popcorn is now the official name of "popcorn with stuff in it" as my kids used to call it ;)  I put together a fun little surprise for the kids (and honestly, for Dave and myself as well) for some game and movie time over the weekend and it was such a simple way to add some festive fun.

The heart tray is from Sugarboo and I filled it with everyone's favorite sweet treats to mix in with their popcorn.

Heart chocolate cookies, raspberry shortbread and alphabet cookies from Trader Joe's and then filled in with all the candy (and pretzel goldfish because #duh)

Precisely the reaction I was going for :) hahaha

We have big plans this weekend for lots of family time and I have a feeling that recreating this little situation will be on the agenda :)

Happy Monday, friends!!!


  1. Have you tried the little ball pretzels? Because OMG.

  2. Yum!! My kids call this Candy Corn when we jazz up our popcorn thanks to you. Your Valentine treats are so cute.


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