Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Amazon Lately

I heard about this room scent on IG and OH MY WORD it's way better than I had even imagined.  I do use essential oils (mainly thieves for cleaning and lemon for getting sticky gunk off of glass) but have been diffusing this just for the scent and it is HEAVENLY!  I love love love candles but only burn them when I know I'm going to be home for extended periods of time (so they can burn down evenly) so I love that I can have this on whenever.  

I've mentioned  this massage gun a few times but I ordered one for a gift and another to giveaway next month (EEEK!) and I'm probably going to continue mentioning it FOERVER because it's so so so good!  It's small and compact and crazy powerful.  I carry all my stress and tension in my neck and shoulders and using this (along with taking magnesium) has pretty much eliminated the tension headaches that I was getting daily.  It's also $20 off with a coupon on Amazon right now and would be a PERFECT Valentine's Day gift.

I use  these labels on EVERYTHING!  I label all of my kids uniform pieces because keeping track of jackets and hoodies when everyone is wearing the exact same one is a NIGHTMARE and then labeled all the clothes they took to camp and since then have labeled almost all of their other clothes over the past few months because when they're sleeping over at friends houses and going home with friends after the game and what not it's easier for them to figure out what's theirs when their name's inside.

I mentioned  this puzzle on my Valentine's Day gift post and had to order it for our puzzle collection.  IT'S SO CUTE!!!

We had an unfortunate incident involving brothers and a giant dog and jumping on the bed that resulted in one of Luke's bedside lamps breaking (noooooooooo) and so I moved the single lamp to my classroom and ordered him  this set which he LOVES because you turn it on (and brighten/dim) just by touching the base and they each have two usb charging ports which is so cool!  It was a great price for the pair and they've got a cool industrial feel which he loves.

If you follow me on Instagram you saw that I adopted some box turtles this week as classroom pets (more on this later) but  this is the enclosure I ordered for them to live in.  It's SO CUTE and has been perfect for them!


I ordered  these balls for Mason's class valentines (apparently stress balls are all the rage in 4th grade)...

... and got  these keychains...

... and  these friendship bracelets for Griffin's class.

I ordered a few books for the kids for Valentine's Day...

... and  this binder for Griffin's Flat Stanley scrapbook.

Luke is doing a research project on the valley of the kings and I feel like everyone else in McKinney must be as well because the libraries and both Half Price books were CLEANED OUT!  I ordered  this book for him and it's GORGEOUS!!  We've all enjoyed flipping through it and it was actually a favorite purchase of the month.

Mason's class has been reading From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler and is finishing up with an in-class movie.  I volunteered to bring the popcorn and ordered  these popcorn buckets to make it easy for passing out in the class.  They're the prefect size for a good amount of popcorn and some gummies on top :)

I wear tights ALL THE TIME and  these blackout tights are my absolute favorite.  They hold up really well after lots of wearing and washing and I just ordered a backup pair.

Happy Wednesday and happy shopping, friends!!!

PS - this post contained affiliate links... thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!


  1. I Love these posts. It is like having a personal shopper!

  2. Okay, the diffuser oil is now in my cart! I'm excited!

    1. Mine too!! How many drops of the oil do you use at a time?

  3. SUPER nostalgic, take me back to elementary school and the mixed up files!!! But also, super adult... adding the massage gun to cart ASAP lolol

  4. I know this wasn't an Amazon find, but we are LOVING the puzzle you recommended a few weeks ago!

  5. We use those same clothing labels and I just love them.


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