Monday, October 5, 2020

Weekend Top 10 - Homecoming Edition

Friday night was our school's Homecoming game and tailgate party.  We had to get there early to set up a few things and Griffin got to hang with Marty...

... and the boys threw the ball around for a bit.

We met up with friends before it was time for the different elementary school teams to be introduced...

The teams were announced and they got to run down the track and I was laughing because Griffin was BOOKING IT! hahaha

Look at all those fourth grade football players! 

After the intros the elementary cheerleaders got to perform their dance...

And it couldn't have been cuter!!!

After all the elementary events were over it was time to introduce middle school teams and court.  These two helped me pass out the flowers and crowns and did such a great job!

The game started and the elementary girls got to cheer second quarter, Mason got to be a ball boy and after helping with high school court Griffin and I left because we were exhausted!  Mason stayed on the sidelines with friends the second half and had the best time!  I have zero pics of Luke because he was off with friends the whole time and left with friends for a sleepover.  Living his best middle school life for sure!

Saturday morning we  woke up to cooler temps and enjoyed some time outside...

... before heading to volleyball.

WIN!!! Their enthusiasm is contagious!

Our pool project is wrapping up (FINGERS CROSSED!!!) and we spent some time out back this weekend getting things cleaned up and put back together.  

Three cheers for big kids who can tackle yard projects on their own!

We wrapped the weekend up in the best way possible...

... s'mores, chilly weather and FRIENDS!

Wish it hadn't been a school night because we would have stayed WAY past dark! 

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!


  1. That backyard picture with the lights looks magical...what a fun way to spend a fall night. Your kids are so big! I love reading about all the fun things y'all do, so thanks for always sharing with us! I hope you have a great week.

  2. What a fun weekend! Your kids are looking so grown up these days. :)

  3. I want to go to MCA... it looks so fun. :)

  4. Ok - Minnesotan here - can you explain the mum tradition to me? Who gets them? What is on them? Do people wear them or just hang them up?

  5. Cuteeeeeeeeee! I miss my daughter being that little...shes 12 now so she wants nothing to do with girly things....only video games


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