Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Pet Q&A Part II


Rosie for sure.  She loves to play, loves to be around them and is definitely super attached to them.  Jack can be more aloof and Jelly Bean will "allow you" to give her attention when she deems it appropriate :) hahaha  #catlife

Jelly Bean is LOW maintenance.  We have a litter box with a little door that we like and a  cuddle cup where she sleeps and that's about that.  She doesn't like toys and she does have a cat tower in the garage where she likes to bring all the lizards, birds and other critters she kills home to.

I say absolutely no more pets but then Griffin keeps asking me for a kitten for Christmas and I see pictures like this and I go all soft...

These were from the day I brought her home.  I went to school that morning saying I didn't like cats and somehow came home with a kitten tucked inside my sweater.  But I mean... how was I supposed to say no to this...

... but for real we have plenty going on over here and need NO MORE ANIMALS!

For sure  Rosie simply because she's a puppy.

I don't think we have any regrets but there are some definite "cons" to having a large dog.  She eats 10+ cups of dog food a day and everything is just BIGGER.  She's also grown so fast that the expenses have been higher... we've had to buy a larger crate, bigger bowls, she's on her 4th size harness, etc.  She somehow gets water from one end of our kitchen to the other every time she drinks and having a mini-horse live inside your house can occasionally be problematic :)   All that to say - her personality is exactly what we were hoping it would be and there is just something special about big dogs.  There's some tradeoffs but they're totally worth it to us.

Griffin has requested a "family costume" for her, Rosie and Jack so stay tuned for that! :) hahaha

We use the Kirkland brand from Costco.  It was recommended by our vet and has some really great ratings.

In our shower or outside with the hose.  It's an ORDEAL, y'all! hahaha  

The one that looks like a giant friendship bracelet is from AMOR and I love that the company provides jobs for women and the collars are awesome quality!  

We switched out her collar to this leather one recently just because the neon was a little bit "summer" (I know, I know) and it's really cute.

The harness she wears is from Amazon and you can find it HERE.

We feed them separately.  Jack would NEVER let Rosie near his food bowls and while Rosie would be perfectly happy to share her food with Jack he can't reach her bowls even if he's standing up :)

She's great!  Part of the reason we picked an English Mastiff was their low energy level.  We knew that we weren't going to be home all day and it wouldn't be fair to crate a high energy dog for that long so one of our biggest requirements was that the dog be LOW energy.  Before getting Rosie we joined several English Mastiff facebook groups, talked to a few different breeders and got great feedback from owners who crate their mastiffs during the day. Rosie gets a morning walk before Dave leaves for work and a lot of days they have to take a break mid-way because she's tired :)  She goes in her crate around 9:00 a.m. and then we're typically home around 4:30 and to be honest she's not super rambunctious when we let her out.

Everything is bigger! (DUH, Andrea!) but seriously... everything is bigger, more expensive, more of an ordeal, etc.  BUT there's something super special about big dogs as well.  I think one of the biggest differences is how important behavior is (which we knew going into buying a large dog because we've had one before).  If Jack Bauer jumps on you when you come to the door he barely gets above your ankle and it's not a big deal.  If Rosie were to jump on you you'd more than likely be on the floor ;)  We can put a plate of food on our coffee table and even though Jack wants it he can't get to it so it's no big deal.  Rosie can eat off of the bar height part of our counter. hahaha   We knew going into this how important training would be and are grateful that one of our neighbors trains dogs and has given us so much great advice and we're working with another trainer as well who we're really excited about.

So far she's not really a drooler!  She drools when she's waiting for food or after a long walk when she's thirsty but she's not drooling all over the place as of right now.

We had a hard time finding super works which are her preference but have had good luck finding meal worms at Pet Supplies Plus as well as The Serpentarium in Richardson. 

That was a LOT of questions!  I'll have my third and final installment of Pet Q&A up in a couple of weeks and if you have any additional questions feel free to leave them in the comments!

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  1. I love Rosie. I love you too. Can she come with us, roomie? ;)

  2. Charlie is a messy drinker like Rosie! It's crazy!

  3. Love hearing about your pets! How much shedding does Rosie do?

  4. This was so fun to read! And I hear you on the "stuff for bigger dogs just costs more".

  5. Love your pet posts. Thanks for sharing!


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