Monday, September 21, 2020

Weekend Top 10

 This weekend was one of those weekends where we were pretty much on the go the entire time but it was jam packed with fun stuff so there are no complaints coming from me (well... except for maybe the part where I didn't get my house cleaned but oh well) :) 

This weekend we wore LOTS of navy and gold.  I was washing uniforms.  Lots of games and lots of school spirit.

Griffin had a friend sleep over and that called for matching pjs...

... and a movie "under the stars" ;)

I made a quick Trader Joes run and found these INSANELY pretty dahlias.  Red isn't typically a colorI pick when I'm grabbing flowers but I'm a sucker for dahlias and these were exceptionally pretty.

Also note those apple cider donuts in the background.  Another weakness!

We met friends for dinner and I realized my kids are now the "big kids".  Not sure when that happened exactly but they are awesome big kids so I'll take it :)

Saturday afternoon the kids were out in the yard when Luke goes, "SNAKE!!!" I went over to look and saw absolutely nothing...

Can you see it in the pic below???  He had somehow spotted a baby copperhead in the grass which is incredible because it was camouflaged so well but super lucky since copperheads don't "flee the scene" when they get scared they freeze and will most definitely bite you if you get too close.  A baby bite can be even worse than an adult and I am just so grateful that he somehow saw it!

He told me he thought he could take care of it on his own and so I made him put on my boots before he did but y'all - he handled it!  I was TERRIFIED and Dave was working but he totally saved the day!

Griffin had her first volleyball games this weekend and she is LOVING IT!!! 

I.  Mean.

These girls earned their donut run after the game :) 

Mason went to a birthday party Saturday night and I was cracking up at his gift wrapping choice.  My plan was to run by Target on the way to the party to grab a gift bag and he goes, "mom... I'll just wrap it with paper" and that's what he did!  I'm not sure there could be a more perfect way to wrap a basketball!

Mason had football this weekend and when I snapped this picture of him and his best friend I couldn't help but think of a picture I took of them almost 3 years ago...


Sunday morning was GORGEOUS out and Griffin immediately picked out boots to wear to church...

... she's had them in her closet for a few months and has been dying to wear them :) 

Among all the fun activities and events this weekend my FAVORITE moment was this one...

... Griffin came home from her first volleyball game talking about wanting to work on her serve.  The boys couldn't go to her game (it's one-parent and no siblings in the building) so they took her out in the driveway and I swear they all played volleyball out there for an hour.  They were encouraging and so sweet and it just absolutely melted my heart.

HAPPY Monday, friends!!


  1. How cute is Griffin playing volleyball?!?!

  2. She looks awesome out there on the court! AND GO LUKE!

  3. Love how cute Griffin looked for the boots!!!

  4. All of your kiddos are looking so grown up these days! All three adorable.

  5. Looks like a fun weekend even with a lot going on. Yikes! That is crazy about the snake! Glad he noticed it. I can't with Griffin playing volleyball and her adorable little boots!

  6. Good eye Luke! Brave too. I love how your children are encouraging to each other (as a mom, I know there are not so encouraging times too). Griffin's boots are darling. I'm a long time follower. Enjoying watching your children grow.

  7. Griifin playing volleyball! Oh my gosh - I love her intensity when she plays.

  8. I used to work for Gary's parents and he used to babysit my son. Small world!

  9. Love those matching Pj's under the stars. So fun. I did not see that snake at all.. even on the zoomed in photo! I'm sure you were nervous letting him take care of it but how brave of him to try and handle it like a boss.

  10. Wow, Go Luke!! Thank you Lord for protection. We have them bad where we live too. They worry me. We have a lot of king snakes too, which I am pretty sure kill copperheads and rattle snakes. Since the king snakes have been in our yard, the Poisonous snakes have been much less. Chills, chills chills.
    Always greatly enjoy your blog, you’re a great motivator!!!

  11. Mason’s friend reminds me of Darla’s boyfriend in a Little Rascals

  12. Mason’s friend reminds me of Darla’s boyfriend in a Little Rascals


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