Thursday, September 17, 2020


Luke is BEYOND pumped because now that he's in middle school he can be a part of robotics club!  They do competitions and a whole bunch of stuff I don't understand but he is so excited so I'm officially excited too :)

I mentioned this in an earlier post but Luke now gets to be part of Youth Group at church and he's living his absolute best life hanging out with his friends at youth during Sunday school hour and then sitting with them during worship.  I'm going to sound super sappy but I remember sitting in the church balcony when I was pregnant with him like YESTERDAY so this is bittersweet for sure.

We've been working through a list of "old movies" on the weekends and have been having the best time introducing Luke (and sometimes Mason and G) to some "old movies" as they call them like National Treasure, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jurassic Park, etc.  I had forgotten how great National Treasure is and Luke was all about it - said it's possibly his new favorite movie!

Fourth grade has a reward system called "Mustang Bucks" where kids can earn the bucks by following directions, being kind, showing leadership, etc. and can "purchase" rewards (like switching classes with a friend, having lunch with the principal, bringing a show and tell, etc.).   Mason and his best friend are stockpiling their bucks and approached their teachers about a "custom reward" of going back to third grade for the day.  They've cleared it with their 3rd grade teachers and as soon as they're allowed to mix grade levels again they're going back to third grade for a day :)

It's official - Mason is Rosie's "person".  We're attributing this to how physical he is with her... wrestling, running, rough-housing, etc. but she waits for him at the door, always wants to know where he is and follows him around.  It's super sweet but he also winds her up like nobody else so at times it's a bit crazy ;) hahaha

Mason has discovered that he can control his eyebrows independently and result is pretty comical.  A will-timed "eyebrow lift" has the ability to crack all of us up and it's a weapon he knows how to use well!

Griffin LOVES cursive!  They learn it at school and we find pages and pages of "practice"  all over her room, homework folder and various notebooks.  I remember learning and loving cursive and so this brings a huge smile to my face!

Griffin has been DYING to learn a cartwheel and Lord knows I am not the person to teach her :)  She's taking an acro class this year and she's pumped because a cartwheel is on the list of things they're going to work on (along with walkovers, handstands, back bends, etc.)

They had enough girls to make a third grade volleyball team this Fall and Griffin was SO EXCITED to join!  She's been working hard on serving and I can't wait to see her sweet little team out ther on the court. 

Dave and I just started Yellowstone and we're excited to see what all the hype is about!  We're only a couple of episodes in but so far so good!

Y'all know I love a podcast, well randomly the other day I decided to try an audio book.  I'm HOOKED!!! I've already listened to two books and don't know why I've been resistant up to this point!  

Homecoming is coming up in a couple of weeks and while it's going to look different than in years past I'm so excited to get to help bring a little fun and excitement and maybe a hint of normal to campus.  Now if we could just get some cooler temps for Friday night football that would be awesome :) 

HAPPY Thursday, friends!!!


  1. My son spent the last three years on a FLL robotics team. He loved it. They secured a US patent in April & were a Global Innovation prize winner in June. It's been a really wonderful experience for him in multiple ways - I'm sure Luke will love it!

  2. Podcast recommendations please!

  3. National Treasure is the BEST! Make sure to watch the second one too!

  4. My son was on a robotics team in high school. Luke will love it. And you will love the competitions. So much fun! We miss it!

  5. Love that you're listening to audible. I love it too. What books did you listen to so far?

  6. Love that you're listening to audible. I love it too. What books did you listen to so far?

  7. I want to watch Yellowstone too. Did you have to purchase it?

  8. Is robotics FLL or Vex? My kids adored FLL in elementary school, and our advisor was so great and the kids learned so much we even beat the middle schools. But then for some reason our middle school switches to VEX, which my daughter didn't like nearly as much, so after one year she decided not to participate anymore. I was so sad, because FLL is a great all around program for kids.

  9. I was going to say make sure to watch National Treasure part 2 also; we actually saw a few signs when we were in the black hills about parts of the movie that were filmed there so we watched the movie again when we got home to see what we recognized.

  10. I enjoy audiobooks as well. I listen to them while working and traveling. Through my local library, I can download "borrowed" books.

  11. I love listening to audible books. It makes errand running much more fun!

  12. Girl. I’ve never wanted to move out west and marry a cowboy until this show! 😍


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