Friday, August 7, 2020

Friday Favorites

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First up on my list are these cuties!!!  They got to go to a little "get your brain started" camp last week and had the best time together!

My FAVORITE lunch recently has been these chicken lettuce wraps from the country club.  Sign me up all day every day!

I've been working hard on my classroom and brought back "the fridge" this year because I can't wait to have REAL PAPER STUDENT WORK to display again!!!  

Polaroids are everyone's FAVORITE...

and Griffin has a new FAVORITE pair of shoes thanks to the influence of some high school girls at Volleyball camp :) 

I got to enjoy one of my FAVORITE lunches this week at in-service... who knew eating in my classroom was one of my FAVORITE things! ;)

And one of Mason's FAVORITE parts of last week was finding this frog in our pool!

Griffin's FAVORITE part of any meal is the bread...

... and Rosie's FAVORITE thing is to look at you with the biggest puppy eyes ever while you're eating :)

The Nordstrom Sale started this week and here are a few of my FAVORITES...

... I'll update y'all when I get things in ;)

Luke picked out a new backpack for Middle School and how much he loves is it my FAVORITE!!!

I was super impressed with the price and the quality...

... and Luke really likes that it opens all the way up (and I appreciate that you can clean it out way easier that way - hahaha)

Last, but not least... our three FAVORITE kids come home from camp today and WE CAN'T WAIT!!! Maybe now Rosie will move off the top step :)


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  1. I just love all of Griffin's clothes; that skirt is absolutely adorable! I think the backpack I ordered for my middle son was lost in shipping... and now we're trying to decide what to do about that! Luckily it doesn't sound like we'll need it right away.

  2. Love The Fridge in your room - what a cool way to display student work!

  3. Your children are too adorable!'ve made me want to dig out my polaroid camera!! Have a great weekend xx Please come link up!

  4. Haha, a completely unzip-able backpack is a great idea! Griffin and her friend are so cute! I'm glad they had fun.

  5. Mason is truly an amphibian whisperer

  6. I love the little peak into your schoolroom:). GG's skirt is the cutest and that is one big frog! I can only imagine the wonderful reunion you and Rosie will have with the kids today, enjoy!!

  7. Love The Fridge.... cute way to display student papers!! Good luck this year!!!

  8. Love the lettuce wraps, Crocs, and fridge. What fun! (Ignore this if you already got a comment from me. I think I left the page before posting but am not sure - oops!).

  9. Loved reading your post Andrea and hearing about what was happening in your family's life.

  10. I have read your blog for YEARS & followed you on Instagram. I made a comment about regrets vs regerts bc I didn’t know the reference. I guess I was thinking as a fellow teacher I would want someone to tell me. Sorry. I then recommended a book for the kids and you blocked me?? I will no longer read this blog nor click your links. I am saddened by this. Best wishes for a safe school year.

    1. Hi, Beth! I can’t block people from my blog so I’ll assuming you’re referring to my Instagram. Unfortunately I’ve had an influx of really negative and nasty comments on my Instagram this summer - I can typically let things roll of my back as “to each their own” but when things really started to heat up and I received threats via email made the decision to block the people leaving and liking those comments to hopefully cut down on the number of people who were following me simply to be negative. I definitely wouldn’t block somehow for mentioning the regrets/regrets thing (which was a joke by the way) or for recommending a book so I’m assuming it was in reaction to a comment made/liked. If you’ll email me your user name I’ll gladly unblock you if I made a mistake!


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