Monday, July 20, 2020

Broken Bow - Part I

Happy Monday, friends! Last week we headed up to Broken Bow to enjoy some time together that wasn't at our house :)  Broken Bow, Oklahoma is just about 3 hours away from McKinney and it turned out to be the PERFECT little getaway. 

We loaded up Sunday morning and arrived at our cabin mid-afternoon.  We stayed  HERE and it was PERFECT!!!  We wanted something pet-friendly with a great outdoor space and this fit the bill.

We LOVED everything about the cabin - the living room/kitchen open area was PERFECT!

The living room had this super fun vintage video game table in one corner...

... and a view of the firepit in the other.

The first bedroom had a king size bed...

... twin bunks up top and a fantastic ensuite bathroom.

And the second bedroom had another king size bed, beautiful attached bathroom...

... and opened to the deck (which you'll see in a bit) ;)

Sunday afternoon/evening we got settled in, explored the area a bit and had a jot tub movie night.

Monday morning we headed out to Cowboys Canoe and Kayak for our first adventure.  The river was low which meant single kayaks for everyone and LOTS of rocks/rapids.  Griffin flipped her kayak within the first like 7  minutes out on the river and I flipped mine trying to help her.  It was the first of many flips of the morning and we're all pretty good in a kayak!  The saving grace was that when we flipped over the water was SUPER shallow.

We left our keys, phones, camera, etc. all in the office because we heard the water might be a little rough and while I was too busy trying to keep my kayak upright to be too sad I didn't have any pictures I was SO EXCITED when I found out the river company had a photographer at one point snapping photos.  Dave and I couldn't stop laughing because the pictures PERFECTLY captured each of the kids.

Griffin - 100% fearless and IN IT.  Oh, you want me to handle my own kayak on a 3-mile trip? Done.  I'm just going to casually go over this waterfall, k?

MASON!!!  There was a 3rd and 4th picture in the series where his head was turned and he was yelling at Luke about how awesome it was :) 


And Luke doing everything EXACTLY as he was told.  SO LUKE!

Kayak nose straight - check
Paddles out - check
Lean back - check

The second half of the kayak trip was smooth and relaxing and when we got to the end the kids had fun playing with some blue heelers in the river and swinging on a rope swing into the river.  We made our way back to the office where we had hot dogs that we for SURE earned that morning :)

We went back to the cabin and the kids played outside, we took naps (YESSSS!!!)  and then played games, went on a walk and ended the night with a movie.

Mason found tadpoles and I really think he would have stayed right her in this puddle all night if we had let him.

Tuesday we  headed about 45 minutes away to the A to Z Guest Ranch to do a trail ride.  

The boys were NOT into the horse idea - so they explored the property with Dave and had a great time.  This kid on the other hand has not stopped talking about "her horse" Rambo and how much fun the ride was...

We got there about 8:15, met our guide, got saddled up and set out for a two-hour ride.

It was GORGEOUS and Griffin really impressed me with how well she did.  Two hours on a horse is a LONG TIME and when we got done she goes, "wait! it's over?!?!"

My horse was behind hers and she kept turning around and looking at me and just BEAMING!

She fell in LOVE with horseback riding and now we're going to look into finding her lessons locally.  I rode english (I did hunter jumping) for years and spent every possible moment at the stable and I love that this may be something she really loves.

I feel like that's enough pictures for today :)  So I'll finish up sharing about our trip tomorrow!

Happy Monday, friends!!!


  1. Well, we should just move there. Stat.

  2. What a fun vacation! I love the kayaking pictures haha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. So many great pictures, the place looks so great. Love the pictures of the kids kayaking. Luke's is cracking me up, that would definitely be me lol.

  4. What a fun, getaway and also fun to discover a new place!

  5. How fun! That’s one beautiful cabin! I think we might have to check out Broken Bow.

  6. What a fun trip! It's been so humid and hot in KY, and I've been dying to go stay in a cabin in the woods where it's cool.

  7. Love the pictures! Looks like y’all had a blast!!

  8. What a fun trip! That cabin is amazing. I just love that there was a photographer to capture your trip and those photos are great. My youngest sister was bitten by the horse bug and to this day as a mom of 2 she cleans stalls at a nearby barn just so she can ride on occasion. I just love that Griffin thought the 2 hours on horseback went by so fast; that for sure is when you know you are having fun.

  9. I am curious how they sanitized the cabin before you arrived? Did they talk about that at all? Just curious. I live in California and am looking to do an adventure here but wondered about sanitizing and how long they go between families coming in. Thanks for any input that you knew about!

  10. We were there last week as well. It is a hidden gem. We live in Houston. It is the meeting spot for all our family - The best time and get away for all our family

  11. Hi, so very glad you enjoyed your trip to my neck of the woods. It really is beautiful here. Hochatown has really exploded with all kinds of things to do not to mention the lake and rivers in the area. Hope your family comes back

  12. My oldest daughter was obsessed with horses and took English riding/dressage lessons from age 6 to about 16... delayed the "boy" season considerably. Can't recommend it enough. I believe the saying that "The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a little girl" couldn't have been more true for us!

  13. I love that Griffin loves horses! I was not a rider but for 7 years a nannied two girls who rode horses. The barns, arenas and trails are always so pretty! I miss those days :)


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