Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Broken Bow - Part II

Tuesday afternoon we headed out to check out some fishing spots and had a ton of fun exploring but, unfortunately, couldn't manage to catch a single thing.

 Exploring the river and getting our toes in the mud made the lack of fish bearable :)


We did manage to catch a TON of crawfish and this giant dragonfly landed on Dave no less than a dozen different times. 

After fishing we headed back to the cabin and they obliged me with a pic...

... and then I caught this gem.

We grilled burgers and watched The Lorax from the hot tub...

And then finished the night out with s'mores and Monopoly Deal.


Wednesday morning we rented a boat and got ourselves out on Broken Bow lake.  We rented a pontoon boat and tube from Bandits and it seriously couldn't have been easier.  They had the boat already in the water and so we just met them down there, they walked us through the boat and we headed out.  

The lake is 22 square miles of INSANE GORGEOUSNESS...

...and we had only been on for about 5 minutes when the kids HAD to hop in.

We rented the boat for 4 hours (we almost immediately regretted not renting it for the full day) and spent the whole time tubing...

... having snacks/dance breaks...

... tubing some more...

... taking turns driving the boat...

... swimming and exploring...

... and then tubing again :) 

Luke was seriously the most relaxed tuber ever.  He never fell out, never looked freaked out and honestly looked like this the entire time :)

It was THE BEST MORNING!!!  And like I said earlier, I REALLY wish that we had rented the boat for the whole day.  Time on the water goes by SO FAST and now that we know how much they all loved tubing the next time we go we'll for sure rent for at least one whole day.

After our morning on the boat we ran back to the cabin, picked up Rosie and headed out to a little swimming spot we had seen earlier that morning.  

Rosie doesn't love the water (yet) but Mason can for sure coax her in :)

Sweet girl!  He got her out this far and then she didn't know what to do...

We swam and explored a bit before heading back home to grill one last time and then do s'mores again - this time in the outdoor fireplace because we were all TIRED!

Griffin isn't pictured because she was PASSED OUT at this point!

We did a bit of laundry, played spades until close to midnight and then headed back home the next morning.  

 We brought all of our own food and I've had several people ask how we prepped and brought food so here's that info...

For breakfasts we brought bagels, cream cheese, those refrigerated cinnamon rolls to bake and the ingredients to make breakfast casserole (sausage, cheese, eggs, bread and milk)

For lunches we brought bread, deli meat and cheese, apples, chips and gogurt.

I made  a baked spaghetti the day we left (I did everything except bake it) and then we baked it the first night we were there.  I also made pulled pork BBQ before we left and brought that for dinner (with buns) on Monday night.  Tuesday night we had  burgers (I made the patties before we left) and the last night we grilled hot dogs and other misc leftovers.  We also made sure to pack drinks, some bagged salad, candy, refrigerated cookie dough, popcorn bags and s'mores supplies.  We brought everything cold iced down in our large Yeti cooler and Bogg bag cooler and the rest we just had in regular bags.  Our car was PACKED heading there, but we really didn't have much food to bring back and it worked out where I really didn't feel like we had to spend much time cooking while we were there.

It was SUCH a great little getaway and was perfect for our family right now. 

Happy Tuesday, friends!!!


  1. What a WONDERFUL getaway!! As always, I love all of the photos you capture. Do you mind sharing the link for this property?

  2. Looks like so much fun! I want to do this trip and your last Colorado trip!!! Did you make your famous grilled burgers you posted about? I still need to try these!!!

  3. This seems like a great trip and I love that meal planning! The pictures of where you stayed and the scenery is all so beautiful. Yay for a getaway!

  4. Andrea! What an amazing time!!! I'm so happy Rosie went too :) .

  5. What a fabulous trip!! That 1/2 day on the boat looks fabulous (and almost makes me regret selling ours).

  6. It really does look like the perfect little getaway!!!

  7. Looks like such a nice time away. I'm with Griffin and the horses. It's fun seeing her big enough to do things on her own now.

  8. This looks lovely! We never even thought of Oklahoma for a vacation being from Colorado, but the water may sway us! Your food options sound exactly like how we pack for long ski weekends! Except I normally make my lasagna. Your bakes spaghettis sounds like a great alternative!

  9. You've got me looking at cabins there. It's beautiful and looks like a fun time for all.

  10. Hi Adrea. My family is on vacation at Cape May New Jersey. We got a beach house. (15 in our group) Last night we had your southwest chicken bowl. It was a big hit. I wanted to share our newest little find on Amazon. We bought the "Pizzaz Pizza Maker". It is not just for pizza. We have used it this week to make tool house cookies, pizza rolls, chicken nuggets with tater tots, cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and of course homemade pizzas. I highly recommend it.


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